2020 Olympics: who did it for the US team in 3×3?

Hello everyone, here is another article on the 2020 Olympics in general and basketball, but it is not on a single subject. I have three of them, one on fans going to games and the other two on 3×3 basketball.

No fans are allowed at the Tokyo Olympics

Yesterday, the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government announced that there would be no fans allowed at the Olympics this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Japan is under a state of emergency that will last until August 22, long after the games are over.

This is no surprise, as Japan has recently seen a spate of coronavirus cases. And finally, why can’t the fans go to the Tokyo Olympics? Vaccinations.

While Japan is a wealthy country, like the United States, Canada and the European Union’s Group of 27, vaccinations there lag far behind those of their American and European counterparts. Currently, only 16.9 percent of the Japanese population is fully vaccinated and 28.6% are partially vaccinated (since most vaccines are two-dose anyway) against COVID-19.

So why is Japan doing worse with vaccinations, which also prevents them from having an Olympics with fans? This is due to a combination of issues such as some vaccine hesitation and that most vaccines are manufactured in the US, UK and / or EU.

Comparatively speaking, 47.8% of the US population are vaccinated and 55.3% are partially vaccinated. The United States is now doing better than most countries in the world with the deployment of vaccines, but Canada and the European Union in particular have passed us because their populations are not as hesitant to vaccinate as we are. Today, by the Washington Post:

  • Canada now has 69.4 percent of its population partially vaccinated and over 40 percent is fully protected.
  • The UK is also better than the US in both measures with 68.2% of people receiving at least one dose and 51.2% fully vaccinated.
  • Israel, one of the first world leaders in this field, is still far above the United States with a full vaccination rate of 57.3 percent.
  • Malta, one of the 27 countries in the EU, is now the world leader in immunization rates with 78.1 percent FULLY VACCINATED. Belgium and the Netherlands are the next two countries in the EU with the best vaccination rates at 65.2% partial / 38.9% complete and 64.5% partial / 38.7% complete, respectively. Although the Belgian and Dutch full vaccination rates are currently lower than ours, expect this to change in the coming weeks.

This topic is devoted to the fact that the games will not have fans to a public service announcement about vaccines. But I do not regret it because they are the key to the opening of the company. If you haven’t already, please do it here.

Locally, the vaccination rates of DC, Maryland and Virginia are above the national average and comparable to those of world immunization leaders such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Malta, Belgium and the Netherlands. Low. However, every vaccine counts.

(End of public service announcement)

Former Mystics center Stefanie Dolson goes to Olympics on United States Women’s National 3×3 basketball team

I always liked Stef Dolson when she played on the Mystics. It’s hard not to support her.
Photo by Meg Oliphant / Getty Images

With so much news regarding the Washington Wizards head coach search last month and the team’s playoffs the month before, I just didn’t have time to focus on other topics like Olympic Games. So this is late news, but better late than never.

The 2020 Olympics won’t just have traditional 5×5 basketball for both men’s and women’s teams. There will also be 3×3 basketball, again for the men’s and women’s teams. There will be eight countries represented at the Olympics for both tournaments, and the United States will be in the women’s tournament. I’ll get to the men’s tournament later.

The 3×3 roster includes Las Vegas Aces goaltender Kelsey Plum, Dallas Wings goaltender Allisha Gray, Seattle Storm forward Katie Lou Samuelson and Chicago Sky center Stefanie Dolson.

Of the four players, Dolson is the most familiar to us, as she was drafted by the Washington Mystics in 2014 as No.6 overall and played three seasons here where she made an All-Star team in 2015. Dolson has been traded for Elena. Delle Donne heading into the 2017 season at Chicago Sky and Dolson made a second All-Star appearance in 2017, where she averaged a career-high 14.5 points and 5.8 rebounds per game. And she’s making 45.5% of her three-pointers (around 0.8 scores per game) this season, so she’ll be expanding defenses in the 3×3 game.

Americans made it to the Olympics after winning a semi-final match against Spain in the Olympic qualifying tournament in Graz, Austria on May 30. There was no championship game since the purpose of the tournament was to present Olympic bids.

The Americans’ first game is against France on July 24 at 4:55 a.m. ET. Since the matches are played at 21 and have a 12 second timer, the matches are much shorter and they will play their second game against Mongolia later today.

Besides the United States, France and Mongolia, the teams at the Olympics are China, Italy, Romania, Russia (as the Russian Olympic Committee) and Japan.

The men’s 3×3 team from the United States was eliminated from Olympic competition after a loss to the Netherlands in qualifying last May.


The United States won the 2019 FIBA ​​3×3 World Cup in the Netherlands. Two of the players from this team were in the Olympic qualifiers and have lost their chance to travel to Tokyo, coincidentally, also the Netherlands which will be there.
Photo by SANDER KONING / ANP / AFP via Getty Images

The United States is the best country in the world for basketball. But this title must also be a joke, right?

Uh no.

The American men were in the same tournament in Austria as the women. The United States team lost to the Dutch in the quarter-finals, 21-16. If the Americans had won, they would have played in the semifinals where a victory in that round would have given them a place.

So who was on the team? Unlike the women’s 3×3 team which is made up of active WNBA players of both entry-level and All-Star caliber, the men’s team is made up of former professional players, but with extensive college experience.

  • Joey King: Played in Minnesota for college where he averaged 11.6 points per game as a senior in 2015-16 and in Finland professionally.
  • Robbie Hummel: Played at Purdue from 2007-2012 and averaged 13.1 points per game during his career there. He played two NBA seasons for the Minnesota Timberwolves and also in Europe. Today it is better known as ESPN and Big Ten Network analyst.
  • Dominique Jones: Played Division II basketball at Fort Hays State from 2009-11. He performed briefly in Europe and for the Harlem Globetrotters but now works for Rising Ground, a juvenile justice program in the Bronx according to his American basketball profile.
  • Kareem Maddox: Played four years at Princeton from 2007-2011 and was the Ivy League Defensive Player of the Year in his senior season. After college he played professionally in the Netherlands and the UK. Today he works in media as a producer and previously worked at Gimlet Media, a podcast company. Rodger Sherman from The Ringer had a feature film about him and Hummel when the Americans were about to star in the 2019 FIBA ​​3×3 World Cup Amsterdam, Netherlands.

So, contrary to popular belief, it’s not like USA Basketball took four “random guys from the gym” and got them to play against other teams that had a lot of practice. Maddox and Hummel are also long-time veterans of the FIBA ​​3×3 game. When they went to the World Cup in Amsterdam, The United States team won the gold medal in men’s basketball, which gave them a spot in this year’s qualifiers.

It’s a shame that American men didn’t win an Olympic spot in Austria like their female counterparts, but there are only eight Olympic spots, which almost always forces some really good countries out of the race, unfortunately. . But it’s also interesting to see what the future holds for the USA in 3×3, especially since two members of that team were part of a World Cup-winning squad just two years ago.

The next 3×3 World Cup will take place at Antwerp, Belgium in June 2022 when we see if the Americans can keep the title there.

When it comes to the Olympics, the eight teams in the 3×3 Men’s Olympic Competition are Japan, China, Russia (as the Russian Olympic Committee), Serbia, Poland, the Netherlands, Latvia and Russia. Belgium.

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