5 Money Heist filming locations you must visit in real life

The wait for the biggest robbery is almost over! Money heist, the most anticipated series of the year, has just released the teaser for its next season 5 and our levels of excitement are really high. It’s slated for release in two parts – the first will be released on September 3 and the second on December 3. As well as being one of the most gripping crime thrillers on screen, the series introduced us to some of the most scenic places around. the world. We’ve listed the top five filming locations every fan must visit once the world is COVID-free.

1. Spanish National Research Council, Madrid

The Royal Mint of Spain, where the Eight Thieves locked themselves, doesn’t need a reason to be at the top of your itinerary. However, the real scenes weren’t shot inside the Spanish National Research Council (aka CSIC) for security reasons, and only the exteriors mimic the building. The actual scenes were shot in a studio in Colmenar Viejo, Madrid. The CSIC is the largest scientific research institute in Europe and you are not allowed to enter the building, but you certainly don’t want to miss a peek from the outside.

2. Callao Square, Madrid

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Remember when 140 million euros flowed from the sky right in front of the iconic cinemas of Callao? This is exactly where the professor announced Rio’s illegal detention on the big screen in the theater. It is one of the most central squares in Madrid and a must visit on your trip to Spain.

3. Guna Yala Islands, Panama

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The scene in which Tokyo describes the place as a romantic Caribbean movie is actually shot here. If Tokyo and Rio escaping to beautiful Isla Pelícano in the tropical paradise of the Guna Yana Islands of the Caribbean didn’t make you want to vacation with bae, you’d be lying. It is breathtaking.

4. Piazza Del Duomo Florence, Italy

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The flashback scene from Berlin to Florence was a treat for all his fans who were disappointed after his death in season 2. The flashback scene in season 3 takes place five years ago where he meets his brother, the professor, and start planning the heist. The beautiful backdrop that you see is Piazza del Duomo and Piazzale Michelangelo, the main attractions of Florence.

5. House of Toledo – Finca El Gasco, Torrelodones

The beautiful exterior where you watched the whole gang meet, plan and prepare for the heist for six months, is a banquet hall in real life. This beautiful rustic place is called Casa Palacio and is actually located in the Torrelodones and not in the city of Toledo.

Main image credit: Money Heist, Atresmedia and Vancouver Media

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