7 sleep tips from around the world for a good night’s sleep

Are you looking to sleep better? It’s not always easy, and sometimes it can be really frustrating not getting a good night’s sleep.

How many times have you found yourself finding sleep solutions on the internet or by downloading applications to help you sleep better? The answer would be obvious, countless times. People around the world have developed their own science-backed sleep tips and traditions for getting a good, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Keep reading to find out.

Scientific sleeping pills from around the world

Did you know your pedicure spas had other purposes that you probably weren’t aware of? Giving your feet warm water therapy before bedtime is beneficial for a healthy night’s sleep. With its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), soaking your feet in warm water before bed is proven to be a great way to relax and soothe your tired toes.

For this, you need to fill your tub or bucket with warm water and add Epsom salt, skin-safe essential oils like lavender and rose, fruit peels, and herbs like mugwort. . The Chinese believe it can help reduce the amount of vital energy, or qi, in the mind, and thus put it to rest.

Ayurvedic remedy from India

Science tips for sleeping

India’s relationship with Ayurveda goes back many years. And just like most other problems, Ayurveda also has something for people who have trouble falling asleep, which makes it one of the best sleep hacks.

Ashwagandha, the traditional Indian medicine, works wonders for reducing stress and anxiety, helping you sleep better at night. In a study conducted in 2020Ashwagandha has been found to help minimize sleep latency (the time it takes to fall asleep), improve sleep quality in adults, reduce non-restorative sleep, and improve overall quality of life.

Välling for the Swedes

Science tips for sleeping

If you thought oats and milk made a great breakfast, the Swedes would tell you otherwise. Välling, a hot drink made from milk and oatmeal porridge, is one of their greatest scientific sleep aids for children and adults.

This milk-based cereal drink is made from ground oats and nutrient-rich cow’s milk. Warm milk, as we know, is a common ingredient for inducing sleep. It contains compounds like tryptophan, magnesium, melatonin, and serotonin that promote healthy sleep cycles.

Sauna steam for Finns

Science tips for sleeping

Finland has its own version of hot water therapy to induce sleep at night. The Finnish custom of enjoying a sauna in the evening is one of the greatest scientific sleep aids in the whole world. This causes your body temperature to rise and relaxes your muscles, making you very sleepy.

A global sauna study 2019 resulted in sleep benefits that lasted about one to two nights after using a sauna. In fact, people who used it five to 15 times a month reported better mental well-being scores than those who didn’t use it.

The Japanese tradition of shikibuton

Science tips for sleeping

Japan’s deep-rooted culture and tradition is full of tricks. The shikibuton, or Japanese futon mattress, used on the floor, has many sleep and health benefits. Usually made of eco-friendly and natural materials, like cotton and wool, it is known to prevent lower back pain and support the spine. When your organs are happy and resting, sleep will be your best friend!

The habit of the hammock in South and Central America

Science tips for sleeping

Do you like swinging in a hammock on vacation? Well, for South and Central American natives, it’s a bedtime routine and a great place to sleep. While most studies on the benefits of hammocks on a sleep cycle have been conducted on babies, one 2011 study studied how the rocking motion of hammocks can promote deeper sleep in adults.

Using polysomnography and electroencephalogram (EEG) data, it was found that a nap in a rocking bed shortens the time it takes to fall asleep and also lengthens stage two sleep, which is the phase before sleep. deep. Here’s a scientific sleep hack you could use!

Multicultural chamomile tea

Science tips for sleeping

Chamomile tea, known for its soothing properties, is enjoyed in cultures around the world, from Russia to China to Great Britain. Chamomile tea contains apigenin, a chemical that binds to brain receptors and triggers drowsiness and relaxation. This is why this chemical is an excellent natural aid for treating insomnia and other sleep disorders.

So, brew yourself a nice cup of chamomile tea, about 45 minutes to an hour before bed. This is perhaps the simplest scientific sleep aid in the whole world that you can try today.

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