A female ape just broke the ape patriarchy and the internet is obsessed

There’s a new female icon in town, and she’s a *check the notes*…monkey?

The New York Times shared an article about a monkey named Yakei who is the first female leader of a troop of 677 Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys.

The 9-year-old Queen Ape allegedly violently knocked down an alpha male from her troop and became its first female leader in 70 years.

According to the article, she worked to get where she is now. It is noted that Yakei overthrew her own mother to rise to the top as an alpha female and fought several high-ranking men.

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“Yakei confused what primatologists expected of Japanese macaques. Last April, she beat her own mother to claim first place among the females in her troop. While most females would settle for it, Yakei continued to fight,” writes the New York Times writer. Anne Rott.

This was before she confronted the leader of the troupe at the time, where she emerged victorious.

Yakei lives in the Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden, where the troupe has resided for 70 years.

But her title is in jeopardy and experts say she could lose her title during the mating season.

Yakei’s chaotic storyline shocked many people online and earned him a good fan base. Frankly, netizens are obsessed with the Monkey Queen and have taken to Twitter to share their support.

Long live Queen Yakei!

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