Actress Becky Lucas on IRL Dating, Loving Your Local & Live Shows

Excitement is in the air. We’re back at our favorite local, yelling at our friends over the speakers, browsing sticky pub floors and having awkward first encounters – it’s good to be back.

And while every state and city seems to have navigated their own version of lockdown, there is one thing that rings true for sure: No matter where you are, our people always need our continued support.

So, thanks to the Raising The Bar initiative of Bundaberg Rum and to celebrate the love of your local, we have met actress Becky Lucas to discuss dating IRL, her favorite bars and restaurants, and where she’s looking forward to a live comedy show is… well, not her room.

Tell us about yourself and your career; How did you get started in acting?

I started acting about nine years ago in a little pub in Brisbane and sort of forgot to quit. Since I started acting, I have performed in Edinburgh, the JFL Montreal Comedy Festival and the Conan O’Brien show in the United States. Even though these gigs were really exciting, for most of the year comedians of all skill levels polish their material at smaller gigs at venues around town, so our industry really relies on a thriving hospo scene.

Where are your favorite places to perform?

There are so many ! As for my local places, I like the Comedy Store, The Enmore Theater, as well as smaller, more intimate concerts like the Thursday Night Comedy Night that takes place monthly at the Lord Gladstone.

The last few years have not been great, especially for the hospital industry, how can we show our support?

At the moment, I think reserving a table in advance is really helpful for the venues, so they can figure out how many people they need. But other than that, I’m just thinking of trying my luck at a new bar or restaurant and taking advantage of the fact that most people want to go out. Organize a group and celebrate something, anything, it doesn’t have to be that special. Did your friend resist the urge to have his nose pierced? Great! Head to the pub to celebrate.

You live in Sydney, what are your favorite local restaurants AND what do you order when you are there?

Continental Deli Bar and Bistro, the steak tartare over there is my favorite, they make it with a crispy parmesan and it makes me goo-goo ga-gah.

I don’t really have a “favorite” but 10 William Street is still good. I love the cavatelli and tomato dish just because I’m obsessed with perfectly ripe tomatoes, which they always are.

I always go a quarter chicken and fries with the tomato rice on the side to Charcoal Frangos Chicken.

And, I had the Moreton Bay bug at Poly recently and almost cried how good it was.

What about your favorite Melbourne restaurants to visit when you are on tour or when you are at home in Brisbane?

Whenever I’m in Melbourne I make sure to go to Embla and order the half roasted chicken and their incredibly delicious fresh bread and butter.

The last time I was in Brisbane I ate at sAme sAme, a fancy Thai restaurant that had a really fun share menu, if that’s your thing.

WHEN IT COMES TO your favorite bars, what drinks do you order during your stay?

I’m usually more of a pub girl so if I meet up with friends for a drink I can be found at Bar Cleveland, Warren View, Lord Gladstone or Lord Dudley.

But if I try to impress someone, I might suggest Opera Bar, Cafe Freda’s, Knox Street Bar or The Old Clare. I am not loyal to any drink, I will always try something the bartender suggests give me something full of flavor, calorie caring.

A TIP ON HOW TO PREVENT Early Burnout, SO THAT WE CAN continue to support our locals long after the novelty of freedom has worn off?

Remember, you don’t have to say yes to every exit offer. There’s also no shame in having one and bailed out early. In fact, some of my best evenings are when I have dinner, have a drink, and come home at 10 p.m.

We’re all probably a little excited to be back at the pub. Do you have any tips for getting the perfect “cheers” without a spill?

Just keep your eyes on the prize and tuck your elbows into it. No one has ever won an Oscar for the most spectacular cheers, so relax.

We’re finally swapping tough walk dates, rocking masks, and athletic wear for a real date night at the local – what’s your advice on making this transition gracefully?

Choose an easily accessible bar or restaurant and remember to ask questions, then listen to the answer. Don’t constantly check your phone and remember that while the world around you may be more interesting after a few drinks, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re interesting, so take it easy.

The best nightlife spots for someone looking to really impress their new date?

If I was in Melbourne I would take them to the Corner to watch live music or if I wanted a bit more of a laid back vibe I would go to the London beer garden.

In Brisbane, I would take them to Hope and Anchor in Paddington, which is housed in a super cute heritage listed cottage that has a few twists on a normal pub menu.

In Sydney I would take them to the Opera Bar and watch the sunset over the harbor and share a dozen oysters and a glass or two of champagne.

And what about your favorite bars for date nights?

In Brisbane I would take them to The End bar or the Bosc, both in the West End where I grew up. In Sydney, I love Knox Street Bar or Cafe Freda’s, and in Melbourne, I love the rooftop bar at Cookie or Spleen Bar, which is a great dive bar that hosts some good local comedy.

What’s your ice-breaker when trying to strike up a conversation with a stranger at the bar?

Accuse them of stealing your wallet. Jokes. I think if something sounds too much like a pre-rehearsed line then you’re going to be emitting serial killer vibes. Remember the power of a real ‘Hey! How did you spend your night? ‘.

In support of Bundaberg Rum’s Raising The Bar initiative, we remind you, don’t forget your local. If there’s been an excuse to make new memories this summer, it’s by planning a well-deserved date and supporting new and old haunts. We will applaud this.

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