Best TV Episodes of 2021 – “Succession”, “Midnight Mass”, More

“Succession,” “Only Murders in the Building,” “Midnight Mass” and more are IndieWire’s picks for the best episodes of the year.

Television is a great medium because it can seduce you for one scene, one episode, one season or one series at a time. Adding all of these pieces together often translates into general worship – “the best show of the year”, “the best show ever” – but there should also be room to rent out each part of the show. machine. This is just another reason why year-end reviews can be so invaluable. IndieWire’s 2021 Best Episodes list helps identify miniature moments, scattered over the past 12 months, that have impacted their respective series, on television in general, or on each of us individually (otherwise the three). These episodes were stand-alone, carrying out ideas introduced over a longer timeline or introducing new ones to review for 15 minutes, half an hour, or twice that length.

The episodes are great. There’s a reason viewers revisit the Thanksgiving ‘Friends’ episodes every November, British Christmas holiday specials, and personal favorites whenever the mood strikes you. So many of these stories find moments with characters we love, who press our buttons, who fascinate us, who say or do things that seem to be aimed at only one audience. Maybe the show is loved by millions, but this episode, this scene, this line is just for me.

Television connects years, if not decades, of our lives. The shows stay with us while everything else changes. This time is additive, of course; all these hours create an often unbreakable attachment. But it’s also exclusive. An episode may have aired just at the right time, or it could have served as a gateway to the rest of the series, other shows like this, or even specific creators who made it work so well. We believe the episodes gathered below, in our list of the best TV episodes of 2021, do. They are special. And if they are special to us, chances are they are special to some of you too. So give them a chance – or just remember with us. Television is a great medium. Appreciate each part.

Libby Hill, Kristen Lopez and Tambay Obenson also contributed to this list.

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