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Biden to host World Leaders Climate Forum

WASHINGTON – President Biden announced on Friday that the United States and Europe have pledged to work to reduce global methane emissions by a third over the next decade and urged other countries to join their efforts to combat a powerful greenhouse gas that warms the planet. In a virtual …

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10 cutest TV and movie characters based on terrifying creatures

Movies and TV shows take inspiration from the realm of mythology to create their fantastic creatures, such as unicorns and werewolves in the Harry potter franchise. However, there is also a lot of real-world inspiration, with ferocious animals such as sharks and snakes providing interesting character designs for various films. …

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What makes a funny joke? Only time can really tell.

In 1998, a young comedian named Kentaro Kobayashi was building a career that has led over the years through films, novels, manga and cartoons until his appointment as Director of the Opening Ceremony of the Games. Tokyo Olympics. Interestingly, in his novice phase he was drawn to the Holocaust as …

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