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8:37 AM2 hours ago


93 ‘Full time. Japan wins Serbia 1-0.

8:37 AM2 hours ago

Additional time

90 ‘Three minutes to complete the second half

8:36 AM 2 hours ago


86 ‘Asano shoots from the edge of the box with his right foot, Rajkovic stretches and saves

8:36 AM 2 hours ago

Double replacement in Japan

82 ‘Haraguchi and Ogawa instead of Minamino and Nagatomo

8:36 AM 2 hours ago

Replacement in Serbia

78 ‘Ivan Ilic replaces Nemanja Maksimovic

8:36 AM 2 hours ago

Replacement in Japan

76 ‘Takuma Asano instead of Junya Ito

8:35 2 hours ago

A touch of class

73 ‘Morita saves a scissor shot from the edge of the box, but shoots over the crossbar

8:34 AM2 hours ago

Replacement in Serbia

72 ‘Sava Cestic replaces Mitrovic

08:26 2 hours ago


70 ‘Morita plays for Kamada, who shoots from outside the box with his right foot, but the keeper blocks it

08:22 2 hours ago

Replacement in Japan

65 ‘Yamane replaces Muroya

08:22 2 hours ago

Goal Canceled

64 ‘Ado Onaiwu receives from Ito and shoots on goal, but the referee signals offside

8:19 AM2 hours ago

Yellow card

61 ‘Pavlovic, from Serbia

7:55 AM 2 hours ago

Replacement in Serbia

58 ‘Zeljko Gavric replaces Nemanja Jovic

7:54 2 hours ago

Easy Easy

53 ‘Mitrovic’s free kick on goal, Gonda saves without a rebound

7:50 2 hours ago

Play with fire!

52 ‘Muroya commits a serious foul, Terzic clears the ball

7:48 AM 2 hours ago


48 ‘Shogo Taniguchi deflects a header in the box and Junya Ito completes in the net

7:47 2 hours ago


47 ‘Morita crosses from the right and takes a corner.

7:47 2 hours ago


00 ‘Start of the second half

7:44 AM 2 hours ago

Double replacement in Serbia

Petkovic and Vulic replace Grujic and Makaric

7:42 2 hours ago

Double replacement in Japan

Kawabe and Onaiwu instead of Hashimoto and Furuhashi

7:32 3 hours ago

Substitutes from Serbia

Djordje Nikolic, Marko Petkovic, Marko Ilic, Ivan Ilic, Milos Vulic, Zeljko Gavric, Sava-Arangel Cestic

7:30 3 hours ago

Substitutes from Japan

Kawashima, Shoji, Nakamura, Kawabe, Asano, Sasaki, Haraguchi, Nakatani, Ogawa, Yamane, Onaiwu, Schmidt, Sakamoto

7:28 3 hours ago

Half time

46 ‘The referee ends the 1st half at Kobe. The score is level at the moment.

7:25 3 hours ago

Yellow card

46 ‘Joveljic, from Serbia

7:24 3 hours ago

Additional time

45 ‘One minute

7:22 3 hours ago

Na bronca

43 ‘Outraged by the missed opportunity, coach Dragan Stojkovic gets angry and throws his protective mask on the ground

7:19 3 hours ago


43 ‘Makaric receives in the box, crosses and the ball passes near the right post

7:16 3 hours ago


41 ‘Joveljic shoots in the corner, the ball passes to the right of the goal

7:14 3 hours ago

Serbia on

38 ‘Jovic crosses dangerously, the defender moves away from the area

7:12 3 hours ago


33 ‘Junya Ito shoots in the right corner, goalkeeper Rajkovic stretches and makes the save

7:10 3 hours ago

Japan again

32 ‘Furuhashi takes off from the right and raises in the box, the defense moves away

7:01 3 hours ago

No no

29 ‘Furuhashi tries a through ball, but the ball goes too far.

6:59 AM 3 hours ago


24 ‘After a quick triangulation on the left side, Japan sends a ball into the box and the defender cuts with a header

6:57 AM 3 hours ago


21 ‘The defense of Serbia tries to get out of play, misses a pass, then the ball is caught by Kamada inside the box, but he can not reach it.

6:55 AM 3 hours ago

Attack vs. Defense

19 ‘At this stage, the Serbian players are all positioned behind the ball, Japan exchange passes

6:53 AM 3 hours ago

Possession of the ball

17 ‘Japan: 65%, Serbia: 35%

6:49 3 hours ago

No danger

15 ‘Gudelj’s frontal free kick in the middle of the penalty area, but the defense pushes him back

6:48 3 hours ago

Good coin from Japan

12 ‘Furuhashi quickly breaks on the right side and shoots, Rajkovic gropes

6:46 3 hours ago

Japan again

9 ‘Nagatomo advances on the left and lifts the ball in the area, but the defense takes it back

6:43 3 hours ago


8 ‘Defensive midfielder passes to Furuhashi on the right side, but he was ahead of schedule

6:42 AM 3 hours ago

Studied game

7 ‘Japan goes from head to foot in search of space, Serbia is positioned behind the ball

6:37 AM4 hours ago

Hard fault

2 ‘Pavlovic drops Hashimoto in midfield

6:35 AM 4 hours ago

Japan on

1 ‘Gonda tries to start on the attacking ground, the ball goes through midfield and Serbia regains possession

6:33 AM 4 hours ago


00 ‘The first half begins. Serbia touch the ball for the first time.

6:27 4 hours ago


Play the national anthems of Japan and Serbia

6:26 4 hours ago

Behind the Scenes of Japan

6:21 4 hours ago


Ahmed Eisa Mohamed (UAE) is the main referee of this match. In the 2020/21 season, he played 19 matches, distributed 96 yellow cards and 11 red cards and scored 16 penalties.

6:14 4 hours ago

The FIFA World Ranking

Japan is the top ranked Asian team, in 28th place, while Serbia is in 25th place. The head is held by Belgium, followed by France, Brazil, England and Portugal.

6:09 AM4 hours ago

The composition of Serbia

Rajkovic, Pavlovic, Spajic, Maksimovic, Gudelj, Joveljic, Nemanja Jovic, Mitrovic, Grujic, Terzic, Makaric.

6:04 4 hours ago

Japan starting eleven

Shuichi Gonda; Taniguchi, Muroya, Ueda and Nagatomo; Morita, Hashimoto, Furuhashi, Minamino and Junya Ito; Kamada. Coach: Hajime Moriyasu.

05:59 4 hours ago


Hi all! We are ready to bring you our coverage of the Japan vs Serbia game. Come with us, as we bring you the latest information, lineups and everything you need to know about the Japan-Serbia duel

05:54 4 hours ago

Login here Live Score Japan vs Serbia

Don’t miss any details of the match Japan vs Serbia with live updates and commentary from VAVEL. Follow with us all the details, comments, analyzes and compositions of this match.

05:49 4 hours ago

How to watch Japan vs Serbia on TV and streaming?

If you want to watch Japan vs Serbia match live on TV, your options are: Fuji TV and CANAL + Sport 2 (Japan), V Sport Jalkapallo, V Sport Premium (Serbia), Sky Sports (UK). If you want to stream it directly, DAZN and Estadio TNT Sports (Brazil), BT Sport app (UK), FuboTV (US), Movistar + (Japan).
If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

05:44 4 hours ago

Last matches between Japan and Serbia

Libra marks the historic showdown between Japan and Serbia, with three wins for the Asians and four for the Europeans, who scored seven goals and conceded three.

05:39 5 hours ago

Serbia’s last alignment

Nikolic; Petkovic, Cestic, S. Mitrovic, Terzic; Grujic, Gudelj, Ilic, Gavric; Joveljic, N. Jovic.

05:34 5 hours ago

Serbian workforce list

05:29 5 hours ago

Last composition of Japan

Gonda; Shoji, Sasaki, Nakatani, Yamane, Hashimoto, Haraguchi, Kawabe, Minamino, Asano, Furuhashi.

05:19 5 hours ago

Serbia: team information

Despite having played in the last World Cup, the team struggled to keep up the pace and fell in the European Championship qualifiers, losing in the playoffs to Scotland on penalties 5-4 after a draw in regulation (1-1).

05:14 5 hours ago

Japan: team information

The Samurai Blues have a 100% Asian qualifying record for the 2022 World Cup. The Japanese team have only played four times in 2021 – they beat South Korea, Mongolia, Myanmar and Tajikistan, scored 31 goals and conceded only one.

05:09 5 hours ago


Kobe Noevir Stadium is located in Kobe City, Kansai Region, and has a capacity of approximately 42,000 fans. The stadium hosted three matches of the 2002 World Cup (Russia 2-0 Tunisia, Sweden 2-1 Nigeria and Brazil 2-0 Belgium).

05:04 5 hours ago

Kick-off time Japan vs Serbia Live

The Japan vs Serbia match will be played at Kobe Noevir Stadium, Kobe, Japan. Kick-off is scheduled for 6:25 a.m. ET.

4:59 AM 5 hours ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the 2021 Friendly: Japan vs Serbia live stream!

Hi all! My name is Bia Palumbo and I will be your host for this match. We’ll provide you with pre-match analysis, roster updates and live news here on VAVEL.

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Alternate Universe spideys we want to see in SPIDER-VERSE 2 http://q-ax.com/alternate-universe-spideys-we-want-to-see-in-spider-verse-2/ http://q-ax.com/alternate-universe-spideys-we-want-to-see-in-spider-verse-2/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 18:34:25 +0000 http://q-ax.com/alternate-universe-spideys-we-want-to-see-in-spider-verse-2/

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2 will soon begin to prepare to go into production. And we now know that Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew, will be one of the characters in the comics. added after. But who else could we see, other than Spider-Woman and the teased Spider-Man 2099 (voiced by Oscar Isaac)?

Well, there are plenty of Spider-Man variations to choose from. Not only comic book pages, but even other media, like television. It is a great multiverse after all. Here are our top seven picks for Multiversal Spideys that we’d love to see rock in the Into the Spider-Verse after.

“The Spider” (Earth-311)

Marvel comics

DC works like Sand seller helped make fantasy author Neil Gaiman famous in the comics. But for Marvel, he wrote two important series. The Eternals, and Wonder: 1602. As the title suggests, this happened on another Earth where Marvel’s heroes lived during the Elizabethan era. One of these heroes was Peter Parquagh, the apprentice and assistant of a certain Sir Nicholas Fury. He eventually obtains powers and becomes “the spider”. Spider-Verse 2 could have fun with a Spider Man in a ruffled collar speaking in Shakespearean soliloquies. Someone calls Sir Patrick Stewart.

The Scarlet Spider (Earth 616)

The Scarlet Spider, Peter Parker's 90s clone.

Marvel comics

Ben Reilly is as reminiscent of a certain era in ’90s comics as Electric and Armored Superman Batman. The very controversial (but very sold) “Clone the saga“, presents Ben as the long lost one Peter Parker clone. He had all of Peter’s memories, but forged a new life under a new identity. Ben (naming himself after his beloved uncle) eventually became a superhero himself, known as the Scarlet Spider.

He even reprized the role of Spider-Man for a while, leaving Peter and Mary Jane to lead civilian lives. Once the Clone Saga ran its course, Ben died. But of course he finally came back. He has since become beloved by those who grew up with the 90s comics. And blonde Peter Parker from Into the Spider-Verse has been a nod to Ben Reilly. But we think Spider-Verse 2 should finally give us the real Ben Reilly onscreen.

Japanese Spider-Man (Earth-51778)

The 1978 Japanese TV version of Spider-Man.

Marvel comics

Until a recent episode of Wonder 616 at Disney +, many fans had no idea of ​​the existence of the Japanese Spider-Man. This version starred in his own television series in Japan, from 1978 to 1979. And while Japanese Spidey may sound totally familiar, he’s a completely different character than Peter Parker. Because her show premiered on May 17, 1978, her Earth is referred to as “Earth-51778”.

In the series, Spider-Man was Takuya Yamashiro, a young motocross rider who draws his powers from an alien spaceship in Planet Spider. Not only does he acquire the traditional powers of Spider-Man, but he can also transform his spaceship into a giant robot. All of these things are already cooler than Aunt May. Yamashiro appeared in the Spider-Verse comic book event, then we say put it in an animated movie then.

The Superior Spider-Man (Earth-616)

A Doctor Octopus controlled Peter Parker, also known as Superior Spider-Man

Marvel comics

A few years ago, Peter Parker apparently passed away. But his body was invaded by the spirit of one of his greatest enemies, Dr. Otto Octavius. Better known as Doctor Octopus. The arrogant scientist decided to become a hero after going through the memories of Peter dying, but he was still an unbearable fool. To the world at large, he was still Peter Parker, now CEO of Parker Industries. Otto just couldn’t understand why with his genius Peter Parker wasn’t rich. So he quickly made him rich. This arrogant con of a “superior »Spider-Man would definitely be an on-screen scene thief.

Spider-Clan Spider-Man / “Spider-Man Manga” (Earth-2301)

The Marvel Mangaverse version of Spider-Man, a member of the Spider-Clan.

Marvel comics

In the early 2000s, Marvel experimented with manga versions of their iconic heroes. One of them was naturally a “manga Spider Man. This version of Peter Parker, a native of Earth-2301, was a member of the ninja warriors known as the the spider clan. He was trained in their ways by his Sensei, Ben Parker. He became the last member of the Spider Clan after Venom killed Ben under the orders of the Kingpin. A Spider-Man with all the powers of an ordinary Spidey and with ninja training? Sign us up.

Cosmic Spider-Man (Earth-91110)

Cosmic Spider-Man using his divine powers.

Marvel comics

Everyone is still talking about how Jean Gray from the X-Men got a huge Cosmic Power upgrade and became Phoenix. But did you know that something similar happened to Peter Parker once as well? Yes, in the late 1980s Peter Parker bonded with a powerful mystical cosmic force known as Uni-power, or Enigma Force. The power of the “Captain Universe” has given Peter immeasurable strength, powers of energy manipulation, transmutation and molecular control. He even had a quasi-omniscience. Cosmic Spidey was short lived, but a version of a cosmic Spider-Man who never lost these powers still resides on Earth-91110.

Six-armed Spider-Man (Earth-92100)

The Six-Armed Spider-Man, a 70s version of Peter Parker from Marvel Comics.

Marvel comics

Ok, so it wasn’t originally an alternate Earth Spider-Man. It actually happened to our Peter Parker in the 70s comics. At the time, Peter Parker grew four more arms, after injecting a chemical he hoped to take away his powers. In the regular 616 universe, his six arms Spider Man the status is reversed, thanks to Dr. Curt Connors and the DNA of Morbius the living vampire. On Earth-92100 however, this reversal never happens. And Spider-Man retains eight members. We would love to see this ridiculous looking Spidey appear at least once.

Featured Image: Marvel Comics

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Bite into a real bargain: How is popular Japanese snack Umaibo still 10 yen after 42 years? http://q-ax.com/bite-into-a-real-bargain-how-is-popular-japanese-snack-umaibo-still-10-yen-after-42-years/ http://q-ax.com/bite-into-a-real-bargain-how-is-popular-japanese-snack-umaibo-still-10-yen-after-42-years/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 23:11:27 +0000 http://q-ax.com/bite-into-a-real-bargain-how-is-popular-japanese-snack-umaibo-still-10-yen-after-42-years/

Japan’s beloved cylindrical corn snacks “Umaibo”, literally meaning delicious stick, have stuck at 10 yen (about 9 cents) for the 42 years since they first went on sale. How do they do? The Mainichi Shimbun looked at the history of the product and how its maker manages to keep the price so low.

Umaibo is a household name in Japan that might even be called a national snack; they are widely enjoyed, including among children and as something for adults to drink with a drink. With its crispy texture and varied flavors, 700 million corn-based snacks are sold each year, enough for every person in Japan to eat 5.6 a year.

Umaibo is sold by Yaokin Co., based in Sumida Ward in Tokyo. The product is said to have its origins in a vegetable vendor in Aichi Prefecture in central Japan, where the grandparents of current President Masahiko Sumiya began making shrimp crackers for sale with their fruits and vegetables. Sumiya’s father, his predecessor to the presidency, founded Yaokin in 1960 after coming to Tokyo after World War II.

Umaibo was invented in 1979, the same year that the popular animated series “Doraemon” began on television and the arcade game Space Invaders took Japan by storm.

Umaibo’s corn soup flavor can be seen in this photo taken in the Kita district of Osaka on May 7, 2021 (Mainichi / Satoshi Hishida)

When Yaokin introduced a puff machine to their manufacturing line that makes puffy snacks by applying heat and pressure to ingredients, the staff decided to create long, straight snacks. They named the new product Umaibo, on the simple basis that it was delicious.

Although there were snacks of a similar shape, it was common in those days for mom and dad candy stores to sell unpackaged products. Umaibo became popular because they were individually wrapped, which made them easy to transport and also more resistant to moisture.

In order to preserve quality, the packaging changed a few years later to foil treated with aluminum. Yaokin PR manager Koji Tanaka, 44, revealed: “Apparently they were told at the time that it was ‘outrageous’ from a cost perspective to use it on 10 yen snacks. . ”

Customers were also drawn to its variety of flavors. Worcestershire sauce came first, followed by five more, including flavors of salami, curry, cheese and vegetable salad. The flavor of mentai-seasoned cod roe came out in 1982, after a Yaokin employee was inspired by karashi-mentaiko spiced cod roe during a meal with a customer on a trip to business in Kyushu, southwestern Japan.

Premium Umaibo, from left, Japanese-style steak, mentaiko spicy cod roe, and flavors of mozzarella and camembert are seen in this image taken on May 7, 2021, in Kita Ward, Osaka. (Mainichi / Satoshi Hishida)

Fourteen flavors are currently available, including octopus takoyaki dumpling, yakitori skewered chicken, and shrimp mayonnaise – resulting from a public call for new suggestions. The corn soup flavor is said to be the most popular, followed by cheese, then mentai. Premium versions are also sold in 10-cylinder bags costing 200 yen (around $ 1.80), limited editions and other region-specific variants.

Many flavors were also dropped, including the hard-to-imagine “sea beef” and “mamerikan” flavors. Apparently, powdered squid was kneaded into the dough and a beef flavor was added for the sea beef, while peas were introduced into the mamerikan dough.

Yaokin has also capitalized on trends, like when he launched his “crab chanko” themed sumo wrestlers’ meals in 1991 amid the insane popularity of sumo champions, the Hanada brothers.

Umaibo’s mascot character, Umaemon, is seen in this image courtesy of Yaokin Co.

Since the launch of Umaibo, its mascot “Umaemon” has been pictured on its packaging doing a variety of activities, including singing, pulling out test tubes and going fishing. Does his name and round-headed design have anything to do with Doraemon? “It’s just a coincidence,” Tanaka said immediately.

“He (Doraemon) is a robot, he’s an alien,” Tanaka added. Originally, the character was unnamed and the children gave him a number of nicknames including “Umaemon”, “Umai Boya” and “Umai Boy”. Out of respect for that, Yaokin hasn’t officially named the character. Still, “Umaemon” seemed to have settled in 2017, when her younger sister returned to Japan from Umaiami State. But siblings are not alike. Sister “Umami-chan” looks like a character straight out of a current anime, and is even a YouTuber.

Umaemon’s younger sister, Umami-chan, is seen in this image provided by Yaokin Co.

A single Umaibo still costs only 10 yen. Everything all right at Yaokin? Tanaka said, “Honestly, it’s tough.” In the 42 years since launch, material prices, personnel costs and other costs have increased.

Yaokin’s so-called “Team Umaibo” partnerships with related companies help overcome these obstacles. As the company does not have a factory, manufacturing is handled by Riska Co., headquartered in Joso, Ibaraki Prefecture. To keep the price at 10 yen, various companies cooperating on everything from material sourcing to distribution are making efforts in areas such as automation of production, reduction of packaging loss and efficiency. logistics.

They work so hard because they appreciate the perception of the product in children; at 10 yen, they can still think of it as obtainable with their own money, or as more fun buying many flavors than just having a 100 yen snack. Tanaka added, “Of course we want to make delicious products, but we also want to offer fun and surprises.”

(Japanese original by Satoko Suizu, Osaka Editorial Production Center)

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Omi calls for comprehensive anti-infective measures for gaming http://q-ax.com/omi-calls-for-comprehensive-anti-infective-measures-for-gaming/ http://q-ax.com/omi-calls-for-comprehensive-anti-infective-measures-for-gaming/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 08:13:37 +0000 http://q-ax.com/omi-calls-for-comprehensive-anti-infective-measures-for-gaming/

The head of the Japanese government’s coronavirus advisory group reiterated his call for comprehensive measures to prevent infections for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Responding to questions at a Lower House committee meeting on Wednesday, Omi Shigeru stressed the need to avoid putting additional strain on the healthcare system.

He suggested that the public would not tolerate forcing overwhelmed medical institutions to respond to infections caused by gambling. He added that it is the duty of the event organizing committee and the Japanese government to prevent such a situation.

The organizing committee has not yet decided whether or how many spectators should be allowed at the games venues.

Omi suggested that any decision on the matter should be made in a way that wins public support.

He also said he hoped to see the Health Ministry’s expert advisory group meet during the games and assess the infection situation and the availability of medical care.

Some municipalities are considering canceling public screenings of the games as part of efforts to prevent infections among crowds. In Japan, spectators of baseball, football and other sporting events are already invited to cheer rather than applaud.

Omi said public screenings will make people want to cheer, but there are a number of ways it can be done, such as watching the games on TV at home.
He said infections were spreading dramatically and games would provide a good opportunity to try new ways to cheer.

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History and evolution of sushi recounted in the book ‘Oishii’ http://q-ax.com/history-and-evolution-of-sushi-recounted-in-the-book-oishii/ http://q-ax.com/history-and-evolution-of-sushi-recounted-in-the-book-oishii/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 13:22:35 +0000 http://q-ax.com/history-and-evolution-of-sushi-recounted-in-the-book-oishii/

LAWRENCE – There are 34,000 species of fish. And they all have their own flavor.

Eric Rath“People like to discover the fact that it is not always necessary to bake or fry a fish. All types of fish have different tastes, and sushi lets you experience them, ”said Eric Rath, professor of history at the University of Kansas.

His new book, titled “Oishii: The History of Sushi” (Reaktion Books / University of Chicago Press), offers the first comprehensive sushi column written in English. It traces the development of sushi from the Far East to the rest of the world, and from modest street food to high-end cuisine.

“Even though this dish has been popular since the 1980s, no one has really looked at its history in depth,” he said.

“It also features all kinds of different types of sushi – some that people are familiar with but also those that are unfamiliar with centuries past. The most interesting of them are the fermented types of sushi. You can make fermented sushi with almost any type of fish, and there are also recipes that use vegetables.

Rath, who teaches a course on the history of sushi at KU, has written extensively on Japanese cuisine and culture, including the books “Cuisines of Japan: Food, Place and Identity,” “Food and Fantasy in Japan. of the beginning of the modern era ”and“ Japanese cuisine, Past and Present ”(with Stéphanie Assmann).

'Oishii" book cover“In its most basic form, whether it’s a little sushi rice with a slice of fish on it, it’s one of the most minimalist dishes ever created. Of course, there’s a lot more to do – and it’s gotten quite complicated and diverse – but it’s still very light and geometric anyway, ”he said.

The experience of writing the book (which features cover illustrations by KU Professor Emeritus Roger Shimomura) led Rath to “rethink the history of Japanese cuisine,” in terms of uncovering the real story behind many dishes and techniques popularized in the industry.

“As a food historian, I always wonder what things were like in the past,” Rath said.

“When you are confronted with the history of sushi, people often say, ‘This is the oldest type of sushi that still exists. It was done 1,000 years ago. I am often very skeptical about such statements. And when you study them a bit, you realize that’s not the case – maybe it was something similar to what was done back then. Trying to historicize taste is a real challenge.

In the United States, sushi first appeared in the 1960s in cities with large Japanese populations like Los Angeles and New York. But as Japan’s economic strength grew, more and more Americans became interested in the country’s culture.

“You started noticing sushi all over the 1980s, which is also the height of Japanese economic power,” Rath said. “There was the TV series ‘Shogun’; John Belushi, who is a true sushi lover, as the samurai chef in a number of “Saturday Night Live” skits; a song from The Tubes called “Sushi Girl”; and this movie “Repo Man” with its famous phrase: “Let’s go get sushi and don’t pay”.

Rath’s own introduction to the dish was due to “The Breakfast Club”. This 1985 teenage comedy features a scene where Molly Ringwald’s BCBG character brings a bento box to her weekend detention.

He said, “I was in high school when this movie came out, and that iconic sushi scene stuck with me when one of the other characters said, ‘You won’t accept a guy’s language in your. mouth, and you gonna eat that? ‘ I remember thinking, ‘Oh, we have to try this!’ “

So he persuaded a friend to accompany him to a local sushi restaurant. Unfortunately, when the elegant plate of food arrived at their table, the couple had no idea how to eat it until a waiter politely explained the procedure.

Rath said what passes for sushi in the United States is often quite different from what is found internationally.

“In America, the most representative example of sushi is California roll. This concoction, where the rice is on the outside with imitation crab, avocado, and mayonnaise on the inside, is sort of the star kid and drug carrier of American sushi. People who taste this might say, “I want to try more authentic sushi,” he said.

“While in Japan, the most iconic food is fatty tuna – just a slice of fish on sushi rice.”

While “Oishii” (which translates to “delicious”) dives into the past, the book also keeps its eye on the future.

“One of the amazing things about sushi is that it is always undergoing change,” said Rath.

“You can’t point to a point in history when it was static and not undergoing some kind of evolution. This is what is fascinating. We now have sushi burritos, sushi donuts, sushi bagels, sushi pizza. There are all kinds of possibilities for sushi.

Top photo: A large roll of sushi called futomakizushi served in Katori town, Chiba, Japan. Photo of Eric Rath.

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“Crying in H Mart” will be adapted to the cinema http://q-ax.com/crying-in-h-mart-will-be-adapted-to-the-cinema/ http://q-ax.com/crying-in-h-mart-will-be-adapted-to-the-cinema/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 18:28:16 +0000 http://q-ax.com/crying-in-h-mart-will-be-adapted-to-the-cinema/

The best-selling thesis Crying in H Mart could soon make us cry in theaters.

MGM’s Orion Pictures has acquired the rights to adapt Michelle Zauner’s debut book into film. Stacey Sher (Mathilde, Erin Brockovitch) and screenwriter Jason Kim (Barry, Girls) produce. Zauner’s popular musical act, Japanese Breakfast, will provide the soundtrack. Details on the cast and director have yet to be announced.

“It is a surreal pleasure to have the opportunity to commemorate my mother in a film, and I consider it the greatest honor to continue this task alongside such creative luminaries as Stacey Sher, Jason Kim and Orion Pictures,” Zauner said in a statement.

Posted on April 20 Crying in H Mart is developing Zauner’s viral trial of the same name that she wrote for The New Yorker in 2018. In the story, she reflects on her Korean-American childhood, the loss of her mother, and the times they shared together around food. Zauner also remembers grappling with her Korean identity: how she moved away from it when she moved to the east coast to go to school, started a job, and got married, but got married. then reckoned with her after her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. In an essay she wrote for Harper’s Bazaar, the author also shared that she made peace with her ex-father following the death of her mother.

The announcement of the book adaptation marks the latest achievement of Zauner, who has just released a new album Japanese Breakfast, Jubilee, last Friday for rave reviews. The band will be touring with the LP this summer and fall.

Crying in H Mart: A Memoir


$ 24.79

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Asian stocks trade mixed as optimism fades in US rally http://q-ax.com/asian-stocks-trade-mixed-as-optimism-fades-in-us-rally/ http://q-ax.com/asian-stocks-trade-mixed-as-optimism-fades-in-us-rally/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 03:24:00 +0000 http://q-ax.com/asian-stocks-trade-mixed-as-optimism-fades-in-us-rally/

TOKYO – (AP) – Asian stocks were mixed on Monday, as the initial euphoria over the gains that closed last week on Wall Street quickly faded.

Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 was up 0.3% in morning trading to 29,022.12. The Australian S & P / ASX 200 lost its earlier gains, falling 0.1% to 7,290.60. South Korea’s Kospi added 0.1% to 3,244.12. The Hong Kong Hang Seng fell 0.9% to 28,648.63, while the Shanghai Composite rose less than 0.1% to 3,592.70.

Concerns about the coronavirus pandemic remain strong in the region, unlike in the United States and parts of Europe, where life is increasingly returning to something that looks like normal, but the vaccine rollout s ‘is gradually accelerating in Asia.

Much of the regional economy depends on exports to the West. Data released this week, such as trade data for China and industrial production for India, is expected to reflect the rebound in the pandemic.

“Consensus expectations for activity data released this week in Asia appear strong,” Venkateswaran Lavanya of the Asia and Oceania Treasury Department of Mizuho Bank in Singapore said in a comment.

“The most relevant question now is whether we can effectively assess the extent of the recovery, or the lack of it, in these economies.”

Wall Street closed last week with a second consecutive weekly gain for the S&P 500, which rose 0.9% to 4,229.89. It follows a US Department of Labor report showing that US employers created 559,000 jobs in May.

Tech stocks were the biggest gainers and did the most to drive the market up as a whole. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.5% to 34,756.39. The rally in tech stocks helped push the Nasdaq to a solid gain. The technology index climbed 1.5% to 13,814.49.

Small business stocks also posted gains. The Russell 2000 added 0.3% to 2,286.41.

The recovery in employment last month is another sign that the economy continues to recover, even though employment remains below pre-pandemic levels.

Investors fear that rising inflation will become a long-term problem, rather than the temporary effect of the economic recovery. They also fear that the Fed will consider withdrawing support for the economy if inflation gets too high.

In energy trading, benchmark US crude fell 18 cents to $ 69.44 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. It gained 81 cents to $ 69.62 a barrel on Friday. Brent crude, the international standard, fell 29 cents to $ 71.60 a barrel.

In currency trading, the US dollar rose from 109.49 yen to 109.58 Japanese yen. The euro cost $ 1.2167, compared to $ 1.2165.

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New Pokémon toys and treats are on sale at a Japanese McDonald’s http://q-ax.com/new-pokemon-toys-and-treats-are-on-sale-at-a-japanese-mcdonalds/ http://q-ax.com/new-pokemon-toys-and-treats-are-on-sale-at-a-japanese-mcdonalds/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 20:18:07 +0000 http://q-ax.com/new-pokemon-toys-and-treats-are-on-sale-at-a-japanese-mcdonalds/

The Pokémon Company Continues To Roll Out Pikachu-Related Content This Month, With All-New Updates Pokemon toys and treats for sale at McDonald’s in Japan. This promotion will run from June 11 for those lucky enough to be currently in Japan overseas.

Pokemon is currently celebrating the 25th anniversary franchise, with Green Pokémon first launched in Japan in 1996. During the year, the video game studio and Nintendo held a number of promotional events at various online sites. Pokemon securities. Limited edition products were also released, with the franchise making its way through different regions of the Pokemon world as the year progresses. Currently the celebrations are on the 5th generation of Pokemon, the Unova region of Pokémon Black and White.

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Related: Pikachu Pokémon Black and White Unova Themed Plush Toys Now Available

Featured in a recent download at McDonald’s Japan‘s Youtube, Pikachu is making its way to local McDonald’s outlets across Japan in the form of themed candy and a range of collectible toys. These limited-time Pikachu-themed candies feature a peach McShake in a Pikachu mug, which has six different varieties of Pikachu to collect. There’s also a Choco-Banana McFlurry, which is a soft ice cream with banana and chocolate syrup and crushed nuts served in a mug adorned with Pikachu’s pretty face. The last of the three “Fruit-chu” candies available is a warm apple cream pie, with three different Pikachu-themed packages. The promotion also includes Pikachu-themed toys included in Happy Meals. Thanks to a post by 4player in Japan, fans can view all the toys in advance and choose their favorites in advance.

This is not the first Pokémon Theme The McDonald’s promotion this year, with Pokemon collectible cards distributed in fast food outlets around the world. This Pokémon Theme Happy Meal included a special pack of Birthday Promotional Trading Cards, with some lucky fans finding foil editions in these packs as well. Unfortunately, the promotion was quickly targeted by scalpers and purchase restrictions had to be imposed.

This current promotion in Japan is similar to the one in May of this year in Hong Kong, although some of the items on offer are different. Hopefully McDonald’s and The Pokémon Company will take the time to expand these Pokemon promotional events outside of Hong Kong and Japan for fans around the world to enjoy during this year’s anniversary celebrations.

Following: Pokémon TCG Craze Calls for Policy Change on Ebay

Source: 4player, McDonald’s Japan / YouTube

Marvel at the eternal secret story created by the Dark Knight

Marvel Theory: Eternals’ Secret MCU History Created Black Knight

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Softbank flip-flop on Flipkart: Japanese company returns to Indian e-merchant with $ 600 million check http://q-ax.com/softbank-flip-flop-on-flipkart-japanese-company-returns-to-indian-e-merchant-with-600-million-check/ http://q-ax.com/softbank-flip-flop-on-flipkart-japanese-company-returns-to-indian-e-merchant-with-600-million-check/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 16:35:23 +0000 http://q-ax.com/softbank-flip-flop-on-flipkart-japanese-company-returns-to-indian-e-merchant-with-600-million-check/

Japanese investor SoftBank is set to return to Flipkart, three years after leaving the Indian e-commerce company after US retailer Walmart took over the latter.

Sources told CNBC-TV18 that SoftBank is now on the cusp of investing in the company again and may hand Flipkart a hefty check for $ 500-600 million. SoftBank’s funding could be part of a larger $ 2-3 billion round of funding, sources added, which would value the e-commerce player at around $ 30 billion.

Flipkart was valued at $ 24.9 billion last year following $ 1.2 billion in funding from Walmart. Now, the new cycle could see the participation of several sovereign funds, notably from the Middle East, which are also the sponsors of SoftBank.

The round could be seen as pre-IPO funding, as the ecommerce company is expected to head towards an IPO by next year, primarily 2022, according to reports.

Flipkart and SoftBank did not comment.

Flipkart reshuffled the company’s board late last year ahead of its IPO, seeing high-profile entries and exits. CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy served on the board from 2021, while HDFC CEO Keki Mistry also joined the board. Among the outputs of Flipakrt’s high-level board of directors are Steuart Walton of the Walton family, which is the founding family of Walmart.

Walmart reiterated in its March quarterly earnings call that Flipkart and the payment arm PhonePe performed well in the quarter.

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Motocross Thunder Valley Round 2 TV schedules, schedules, information http://q-ax.com/motocross-thunder-valley-round-2-tv-schedules-schedules-information/ http://q-ax.com/motocross-thunder-valley-round-2-tv-schedules-schedules-information/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 16:00:00 +0000 http://q-ax.com/motocross-thunder-valley-round-2-tv-schedules-schedules-information/

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship will race Saturday at Thunder Valley Motocross Park for the second round of the 2021 season, and NBC Sports will have the action from Lakewood, Colorado.

Entering a track over 6,000 feet above sea level, Dylan Ferrandis leads the championship 450 point standings after winning the season opener last week at Fox Raceway. 2020 Supercross champion Eli Tomac will enter his run in his home country as the defending winner and attempt to bounce back from a poor performance in the first round.

Jett Lawrence and Jeremy Martin are tied for the 250-point lead after the first round.

The Pro Motocross package on Peacock Premium will cover qualifying and motorcycles live throughout the season. NBC or NBCSN will feature Moto 2 every round, and all TV coverage will also air on NBCSports.com and the NBC Sports app.

Here are the relevant details for watching the second round of the 2021 Pro Motocross season in the Toyota Thunder Valley National on Saturday:

(All times are ET)

BROADCASTING / STREAMING SCHEDULE: TV coverage of the second rounds of Round 2 airs Saturday at 10:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN the same day. The MAVTV Motorsports Network will live stream the Moto 1 for 250 and 450.

All coverage, including exclusive qualifying, will be streamed live on Peacock Premium (exclusive streaming coverage previously on NBC Sports Gold’s Supercross and Pro Motocross Pass has moved in 2021 to Peacock Premium, which is available for 4 , $ 99 per month).

Here’s this weekend’s Peacock Premium live schedule for Pro Motocross Round 2 in Thunder Valley:

-qualification: Noon ET
—Moto 1 (250/450): 3 p.m. ET
–Moto 2 (250/450): 5 p.m. ET

Jason Weigandt will serve as the play-by-play announcer for all of the race’s TV shows alongside analyst and two-time AMA Pro Motocross champion Grant Langston. Will Christien and Ashley Reynard will serve as pit reporters during the 2021 season.

THE SEASON UNTIL DAY: Recap of the 2021 season:

Round 1: Dylan Ferrandis (450) and Jett Lawrence (250) won the overall standings at the season opener at Fox Raceway


class 450

Dylan Ferrandis, France, Yamaha – 45
Ken Roczen, Germany, Honda – 40
Aaron Plessinger, Hamilton, Ohio, Yamaha – 40
Justin Barcia, Monroe, NY, GASGAS – 35
Chase Sexton, La Moille, Illinois, Honda – 33
Jason Anderson, Edgewood, NM, Husqvarna – 29
Marvin Musquin, France, KTM – 27
Cooper Webb, Newport, NC, KTM – 26
Eli Tomac, Cortez, Colorado, Kawasaki – 25
Zach Osborne, Abingdon, VA, Husqvarna – 24

class 250

Jett Lawrence, Australia, Honda – 47
Jeremy Martin, Millville, Minnesota, Yamaha – 47
Justin Cooper, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, Yamaha – 36
Michael Mosiman, Sevastopol, CA, GASGAS – 36
RJ Hampshire, Hudson, FL, Husqvarna – 32
Hunter Lawrence, Australia, Honda – 31
Garrett Marchbanks, Coalville, Utah, Yamaha – 28
Austin Forkner, Richards, Missouri, Kawasaki – 27
Colt Nichols, Muskogee, Oklahoma, Yamaha – 21
Jo Shimoda, Japan, Kawasaki – 17
Jalek Swoll, Belleview, Fla, Husqvarna – 17 (tie)

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