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Asian entertainment heavyweights CJ ENM and Toei Animation are teaming up to co-create films and TV series for the increasingly competitive global media market at a time of high demand for premium Korean and Japanese content.

The two companies will leverage their distribution prowess in their respective markets, and leverage their extensive content libraries to develop and produce live and animated programming for broadcast at home and abroad.

The deal involves South Korean conglomerate CJ ENM to tap into Tokyo-based Toei Animation’s library of anime classics to develop live-action feature films, while Toei will develop anime titles. from CJ ENM’s vast intellectual property reserve. The two companies will also join forces to create brand new content for global audiences. The partners have set up a working group to carry out these tasks, with a target set for 2023 to start rolling out co-productions.

“Toei Animation’s intellectual property has great potential for transmedia or cross-media storytelling, as it has strong global fandom and appeals to a wide range of age groups. We are also excited to see how the original content of CJ ENM, which spans over 5,000 different IPs, can open new doors of creative possibilities for Toei Animation, ”said Yi Jongmin, senior vice president of the center. of CJ ENM’s research and content development. “Through this strategic partnership, we plan to develop new transmedia content in Korea and Japan. “

Washio Takashi, Managing Director of Toei Animation, added, “Combined with Toei Animation’s know-how from extensive experience and accomplishments in producing global animation hits, we are confident that both companies will be successful. able to synergize to create a global mega-hit. content.”

Toei has produced more than 13,100 animated content, spanning 255 feature films and 288 TV series, including iconic titles such as Dragon ball z, A play and Sailor Moon. It also produces live action movies, like the upcoming action movie Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya, adapted from the popular manga and anime of the same title.

CJ EMN is arguably South Korea’s most powerful entertainment conglomerate, behind such hits as Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar for Best Picture. Parasite, the comedy remade several times Miss Granny and mark more.

The partnership comes at a time of growing demand for the best Korean and Japanese content, as competition between global streaming giants intensifies in the region and interest in content produced in Asia, such as the hit series. , intensifies. Squid game – is soaring around the world.

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