Countries make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory


A sharp rise in new coronavirus infections due to the highly contagious Delta variant and a slowdown in vaccination rates has prompted governments to make 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccines mandatory for health workers and others high risk groups.

A growing number of countries are also stipulating that a jab, or a negative test, will be required for dining out, among other things.

Here are the vaccine mandates of some countries:


Australia decided at the end of June to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for high-risk elderly care workers and workers in quarantine hotels.

He also made vaccinations mandatory for Paralympic athletes traveling to Tokyo, as unvaccinated team members could pose a health risk.


It will be mandatory for nursing home workers in England to be vaccinated against the coronavirus from October.

English nightclubs and other high-traffic venues will require customers to show full proof of vaccination from the end of September.


The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat said on July 20 he was examining whether COVID-19 vaccines should be required for certain roles and positions in the federal government, according to CBC.


All health workers in France must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and anyone wishing to enter a cinema or board a train will have to present proof of vaccination or a negative test according to the new rules announced by the president Emmanuel Macron on July 12.

The government said on July 19 that the planned fine of 45,000 euros for companies that do not verify that customers have a health subscription will be much lower, starting as high as 1,500 euros and gradually increasing for repeat offenders. Fines will not be imposed immediately.


On July 12, Greece made vaccinations mandatory for nursing home staff with immediate effect and healthcare workers from September. Under the new measures, only vaccinated customers are allowed indoors in bars, cinemas, theaters and other closed spaces.


Indonesia made COVID-19 inoculations mandatory in February, with the capital Jakarta threatening fines of up to 5 million rupees ($ 357) for refusing the vaccine.


A decree approved by the Italian government in March requires health workers, including pharmacists, to be vaccinated. Those who refuse could be suspended without pay for the remainder of the year.


Kazakhstan will introduce mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations or weekly tests for people working in groups of more than 20 people, the health ministry said on June 23.


Poland could make vaccinations mandatory for some people at high risk of COVID-19 from August.


The Russian capital has unveiled a plan demanding that 60% of all workers in the service sector be fully immunized by August 15, according to the Moscow weather.

Residents of Moscow no longer need to present a QR code showing they have been vaccinated or are immune to sit in cafes, restaurants and bars from July 19.


In May, Saudi Arabia demanded that all public and private sector workers wishing to travel to a workplace be vaccinated, without specifying when this would be implemented.

Vaccination will also be required to enter any public, private or educational establishment and to use public transport as of August 1.

Saudi citizens will need two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine before they can travel out of the kingdom from August 9, state news agency SPA reported on July 19, citing the Interior Ministry.


The Turkmen Ministry of Health announced on July 7 that it was making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for all residents aged 18 and over. – Reuters

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