CyberAgent defines its goal: “Breaking stagnation with new power and the Internet”

CyberAgent started out as an Internet advertising business with the vision to “Create the Leading Company of the 21st Century.” The company has since adapted to changes in the business environment and expanded to include media and games companies. In recent years, “ABEMA”, created with CyberAgents’ strengths in technology and creativity, has become a social structure as a new television service designed for the age of smartphones and accessible anytime and anywhere. . And these experiences have given CyberAgent comprehensive knowledge to support the digitization of a wide range of organizations, from businesses to government agencies, including the entertainment industry.

As its business and organization diversified, CyberAgent established its mission statement in 2006 to clarify the company’s code of conduct and strived to instill its values ​​in employees (revised 2009 and 2016). The company has put in place a number of unique systems and frameworks such as the “merit-based lifetime employment” system which abolishes promotion based on seniority and has strived to both create an environment where employees can reach their full potential and foster a corporate culture that encourages employees to take on new challenges. At the same time, CyberAgent seeks to embody a new type of Japanese management for the 21st century.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the behavior of people and has had a huge impact on society. CyberAgent defined the new purpose in this context, reaffirming its role in society and its passion for breaking stagnation and bringing vitality to Japan, a passion CyberAgent has always had since the founding of the company. To achieve this goal, CyberAgent will use the internet which has been integrated into our daily lives and its ability to open up new markets without being held back by preconceived ideas.

Under the goal of “Breaking stagnation with new power and the Internet”, CyberAgent will conduct its business activities to achieve sustainable growth with its employees, contribute to the empowerment of Japanese society and aim to achieve this goal.


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