Diesel art gallery “immaten” exhibition

If you follow fashion and tech accounts on Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a post from the virtual Japanese model, @ imma.gram. The CGI human, known for her short bob and streetwear ensembles, is now the subject of a group exhibition called “immaten” at the Diesel Art Gallery in Tokyo. The works on display are very varied, including paintings, drawings, graphics, digital data, photos and sculptures to boot.

Organized by artist Minori Murata, the works in the exhibition are inspired by the virtual model and the theme of “sky”. Participating artists include YOSHIROTTEN, Kosuke Kawamura, Yuni Yoshida, Toki, Jun Inagawa, KIM SONGHE, Riyoo Kim, Amazing JIRO, Yuma Kishi, MASAKO.Y, Shinya Yamada, Kanatan and Takuya Kamioka.

Highlighted pieces include three-dimensional works by YOSHIROTTEN, collagist anime pieces by Kosuke Kawamura and a light photographic installation by Toki. Check out the installation views for “immaten” above, then head to the Diesel Art Gallery website for more.

Concept for “immaten”:

What is real and what is wrong?
Today we find ourselves in the digital world more than in the physical world. We watch the world through TV screens and read the thoughts of others on our smartphones. In a world where information on the Internet is sometimes more reliable than what is in front of our eyes, new words like “fake news” are emerging in our vocabulary. So how do people decide if something is right or wrong?

Perhaps we are beginning to recognize the virtual world as “real”. From the start, the line between right and wrong has blurred. From the cave paintings of Lascaux and the idolatry of animist culture, every beautiful painting and photographs of people who are no longer alive, are driver’s license portraits, Twitter icons, and now – imma.
As our society abounds with information, what each person thinks of as genuine becomes more and more different.
One simple fact remains true: what you believe becomes the truth.

Elsewhere in art, New York artist Leon Xu features airbrush paintings of his 1989 Toyota Celica in an exhibition titled “Butterfly Kisses.”

Diesel Art Gallery
1 Chome − 23−16 B1F cocoti
Shibuya City, Shibuya
Tokyo 〒150-0002

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