Even the internet’s most destructive YouTuber hasn’t killed that Toyota Hilux yet

YouTuber WhistlinDiesel isn’t known for taking things easy on their vehicles; if anything, it has amassed millions of subscribers because of the exact opposite. He’s one of the content creators who has made a career out of smashing high-end vehicles for clicks, and the world is eagerly watching just to see how far he can go.

But this time he may have gone too far. It’s not the $ 100,000 Ford F-350 Limited (seriously) or even the Amish Dodge Challenger Hellcat that will go down as the most heartbreaking video to date. It’s the fact that this man will absolutely demolish One of the most perfect examples of an imported Toyota Hilux it really brings tears to your eyes, and you are all set to take the tour.

WhistlinDiesel recently announced it had purchased an imported diesel engine Toyota hilux, which happens to be one of the Japanese automaker’s most indestructible vehicles. He says the truck will be used in a series of durability tests upon possession, and immediately begins the carnage by attempting to retrieve the keys he “accidentally” locked in the cab by hitting the driver’s window.

While this was unsuccessful, it did allow testing of a few other scenarios. For example, opening and slamming doors 1,000 times – something that almost immediately broke the latch on the front door and kept the window from falling. He moved to the rear and managed to not only crease the door panel, but also dent the cabin.

Moving on the bed, WhistlinDiesel also attempted a similar torture test on the tailgate; he survived, which meant it was time to get a little more creative.

He loaded a 2,500 pound pallet of concrete blocks into the bed and got to work. The truck hopped off the wheels, got some air when taken off-road (with the pallet of concrete blocks still there), and managed to bend the frame very slightly.

The factory-installed headache bar proved useful, however, as dropping the pallet of blocks onto the truck did not break the rear window.

Other footage shows the YouTuber beating the still-living hell of the truck in off-road conditions. At one point he drives into the woods and runs on whatever he can. He later smashes her into a tree, which admittedly changed things enough to prevent the door from closing properly, but that didn’t stop her from moving on her own.

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