German gymnasts launch Olympic outfits designed to combat sexualization and promote self-confidence

(NEXSTAR) – The Deutschland team takes a stand.

German gymnasts launched new competition uniforms ahead of their first event at the Olympics, designed to combat what the German Gymnastics Federation previously called “sexualization in gymnastics”.

The team, which previously wore more common leotards in previous matches, will now be decked out in uniforms that cover their legs and thighs, as evidenced by photos of the team during a podium training earlier this year. week.

“How do you like our new outfit? Olympian Sarah Voss asked in an Instagram post showing Voss and her teammates Elizabeth Seitz, Pauline Schafer-Betz and Kim Bui in magenta uniforms. Each of the other women also proudly shared photos of the new unitard on their accounts.

Voss and the German Gymnastics Federation – officially the Deutscher Turner-Bund, or DTB – previously announced that their female gymnasts would have the option to wear the unitards in April. In a tweet, the DTB explained the change as a move away from “sexualization in gymnastics,” said the uniforms “presenting aesthetically” without sacrificing comfort, according to one translation.

“As a member of the German national gymnastics team, we are also a role model for many young athletes and we would like to show them how they can aesthetically present themselves in a different form of clothing without feeling uncomfortable with them. some elements, “Voss said in a DTB press release.

Voss was one of the first to present the uniform in competition at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Basel, Switzerland earlier this year. She also said she was “extremely proud” to make her debut with the uniform, adding that Seitz and Bui will wear them in future competitions as well.

Voss, seen here in a unitard at a competition in June, made his Instagram debut with his teammates in Team Deutschland’s new Olympic uniforms. (Matthias Hangst / Getty Images)

At the time, the DTB said its athletes had received positive feedback regarding change. Many gymnasts’ social media followers also praised the team after seeing this week’s Olympics posts, with some calling them “elegant” and others thanking the women for “taking control of this narrative “.

“You are all the role models young girls need to be confident leaders and control their bodies and body image,” wrote one Instagram follower. “You are going to change the world, you are changing the world. “

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