Google allows developers to preview Chrome apps on mobile

First, I wanted everyone to know that this is not the start of the Chrome and Android OS merger, which has been talked about for quite some time. Google just launched its developer preview of Chrome apps for Android and iOS on Github on Tuesday. This will allow you to perform the same thing you do from your Chrome browser, on your phone or tablet.

This program allows you to create applications using web standards, such as CSS and HTML. You can then run them like any other native mobile app using the Android or iOS SDK. These apps should work the same as other native mobile apps, not in a browser and not requiring the internet, they can also be submitted to the Play Store.

A simple Chrome task app designed for Android

Google is running this project using an open source platform called Apache Cordova. Cordova allows developers to use a list of APIs (alongside Chrome APIs) to make apps as feature-rich and mobile as possible. It also allows applications to use native operating services such as camera and hardware sensors.

This program is only a preview at the moment, so expect lots of hiccups and bugs and lots of fixes. Still, this program should allow developers to use a single code base to build their apps and have them on many different platforms. They should even be able to add functionality in code for functionality that mobile platforms allow, but desktops do not. Web developers should now have an easier time porting their Chrome apps to mobile, but with porting expect plenty of crappy apps to make it to the Play Store.

The preview requires the use of Android 4.4.2 for the SDK, but allows apps to be targeted for Android versions from 4.0.X. If you want to develop Chrome apps for mobile or bring your apps to mobile, check out the source links to get started. Which Chrome apps would you like to see get a dedicated app on mobile? The sky is really the limit.

Source: Github | To start | Developer Forum

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