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Recent domain purchases Google has started some rumors that the much talked about Nexus tablet might go by the name “Google Play”. These rumors were hushed up today, however, as Google unveiled Google Play for the public to see.

Q: What is Google Play?

A: Google Play is a new digital content experience from Google where you can find your favorite music, movies, books, and Android apps and games. It’s your entertainment hub: you can access it from the web or from your Android device or even your TV, and all of your content is instantly available on all of those devices.

google play is actually the new content portal for apps, games, books, music, etc. Google Play is just a new branding of the Android Market under a new name, through which you will now be able to buy all your apps and media. The way you download to your device will remain the same, only the way the backend works and the brand will be different. All existing apps and purchases you made will remain in your account, but will be transferred to the Google Play portal. Over the next few weeks, your Android Market app will become the Play Store, connecting you to the new service.

As to when that will happen, the rollout will be globally starting today. Apps like Google Music and Google Books have now been renamed to Google Play Music and Google Play Books. If they don’t update automatically for you, you can find them in the Marketplace for download right now. So overall, not much has changed. Life will go on as usual, but we say goodbye to the Android Market and hello to the Play Store. You can read more answers to common questions about the Play questions and answers.

To celebrate the opening of Google Play, an application sale is now in effect! Dozens of apps and games have been reduced to $ 0.49. However, not only apps and games will be reduced, but also many music books and albums. The “7 days of play“The promotion will run for a week, with each day bringing a new list of discounted items. Here’s what we have so far for discounted apps:

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