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Now is the time to take a look at a Korean company that is making changes in the global economy with new ideas.

Today we will introduce you to HanDreamnet, a developer of network security solutions. Let’s hear from the CEO of the company, Seo Hyun-won.

We develop and manufacture network equipment, and we also produce security switches, security switch hubs, to be more precise. A switch hub is simply called a switch in the IT industry. They are required to access the Internet in an office environment. Conventional switching hubs are vulnerable to cyber attacks, which cause the network to slow down. And sometimes cyber attacks happen from the inside out. Security switches can automatically filter out these insider attacks.

Firewalls can prevent malware from accessing a network from outside. But solutions like these have limitations in dealing with problems that occur inside the network.

To address the issues, HanDreamnet has developed safety switches designed to manage and control internal risk factors.

The company developed and marketed the world’s first network security switch in 2007. Called “SubGate”, the solution detects and blocks security threats that may arise in internal networks. By blocking harmful traffic and preventing its spread, it stabilizes network services. Users can protect the internal network against various security threats by simply changing a switch, without having to modify the network.

Basically, our solution allows communication between different network devices. In addition, it blocks unnecessary and malicious traffic and informs the manager of the network situation. Ordinary switches do not have this functionality. Let me explain it this way. They are like ordinary cars that can just be driven. But our solution is like a semi-autonomous car equipped with a function that automatically detects and blocks insider threats.

HanDreamnet’s network security solutions provide a secure network environment in a variety of areas, including financial computer network systems, national information network, corporate communication networks, and military security network.

It obtained a certificate confirming the security characteristics of the National Intelligence Service, thus becoming the first company of its type in the industry. The certificate is issued by certified testing institutes for IT products, including information protection systems and network equipment. The institutes assess whether the products meet certain safety requirements to ensure their safety. If a company obtains the certificate, it can supply its products to government and public institutions without undergoing separate security assessments.

We have been offering our solutions to public institutions for a long time. Foreign brands are available, but our products are by far the best domestically. We have also partnered with companies in other countries to create a win-win model. We entered the Japanese market in 2009 and operated a branch there for two and a half years. In 2011, we transformed it into an overseas company with 18 employees. Last year, we recorded sales worth US $ 9 million in Japan. This year, too, we have seen steady growth in sales.

As network environments change rapidly, it is necessary to manage networks in a more meticulous and systematic manner. In the age of the Internet of Things or IoT that connects mobile devices and electronic machines such as refrigerators and washing machines, networks are becoming more and more complicated. As a result, new types of security threats become even more serious and malicious.

HanDreamnet has successfully built a line of some 50 network security switches for new and different network environments such as cloud, IoT, smart office and wireless LAN. That is, the company provides an optimized network security solution for each user environment.

Our main products are security switches, including those used in office networks and switches for industrial use. Previous industrial switches did not have the security element. We also offer the whitelist based security switch which can be used in IoT environment. We continue to increase our investments in R&D as well as in human resources and facilities.

HanDreamnet won an award last year from the Ministry of Science and ICT, in recognition of its contribution to securing competitiveness in the national network equipment market dominated by global corporations.

This year, it was selected as one of Korea’s Small but Powerful Global Enterprises by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The ministry identifies 200 small businesses with innovative technology and growth potential and develops them into leading global companies. HanDreamnet was the only information security and network switch company to make the list.

The company has made constant efforts to explore overseas markets, including Japan, to demonstrate the technology and reliability of Korea’s network equipment in the global market.

There are so many corporate clients that we can’t even count them. There are a lot of them in South Korea, of course, and in Japan. We’ve been making switches for the past 14 years since we first produced them in 2007, releasing 20,000 units each year on average. This amount is quite impressive. We hope that our sales will increase two to three times so that we can share the fruit with our employees and make them happy, both materially and mentally. This is our goal.

HanDreamnet established an R&D center in 2019 and expanded technological cooperation with outside institutions. We can see that the company has achieved technological prowess before others through constant R&D efforts.

The network security industry faces a major challenge, due to the growing demand for remote services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite increasingly advanced security threats, secure and stable network environments are being created in the Korea Data Center, thanks to HanDreamnet.

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