“Heisei” Godzilla Suit Size Bust Prop Replica by TOHO EIZO BIJUTSU and CoolProps available for pre-order worldwide from February 20

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Starting February 20, 2022, “Heisei” Godzilla’s Bust Size Costume, developed by CoolProps and TOHO EIZO BIJUTSU, will be available for pre-order worldwide. The replica bust model will be limited to 100 pieces.

On November 3, 1954, Godzilla made his first appearance in TOHO’s “Godzilla,” a classic monster movie widely considered a masterpiece. Since then, the King of the Monsters has become a pop culture legend through more than 35 movies and TV shows, which have spawned thousands of exciting products and consumer experiences around the world. Over 67 years later, the fan-favorite kaiju continues to be loved by fans of all ages.

To create the “Heisei” Godzilla prop replica, TOHO EIZO BIJUTSU and CoolProps carefully crafted the mold using redesigns and 3D scans of the original suit used for filming the “Heisei” Godzilla series. This powerful figure includes a freestanding logo plaque, allowing the bust to be displayed to be viewed from any direction.

Godzilla, King of Kaiju, etched his name in cinematic history not just in Japan, but around the world. With the “Heisei” Godzilla Costume Size Bust Replica, you can add the excitement of the movie to your collection!

See below for more product information. This item can be pre-ordered on the official CoolProps website:




“HEISEI” GODZILLA (Heisei Godzilla)

ETA: February 2023

Scale: Costume Size

Product size: H about 60cm W about 51cm D about 113cm

Price: $3540

The article presented is a prototype. Upon shipment, the final production part may differ in appearance.

About CoolProps

CoolProps is a production and sale company of replica props. CoolProps produces many high quality replicas of props used in the movies, Tokusatsu.

The Monster Hunter and Ultraman series are now available in a wide range of scales such as life-size, model, statue, etc.

Recently, we have also cooperated in the production of props for Japanese movies.



Toho Studios, the largest film studio in Japan, has produced various works including television programs, commercial films as well as motion pictures for 90 years. Based in this important studio, TOHO EIZO BIJUTSU Co., Ltd. creates art and animated images. In recent years, we have played a unique role in various scenic design and production, leveraging our expertise developed in the world of many images, such as historical dramas and special effects films represented by the Godzilla series.

About Toho

Toho Company, Limited, is a Japanese entertainment studio focused on the development, production, exhibition and distribution of powerful live-action and animated content, including film, television and theater. Founded in 1932, Toho remains a leading force in bringing brands and original storytelling with versatile talent to audiences around the world. Its subsidiaries include Toho Cinemas, Japan’s most profitable exhibition company, and Toho International, Inc., a US-incorporated company that manages and markets Toho’s intellectual property portfolio. To learn more about Toho, visit: www.toho.co.jp/en/.


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