Honda in F1: from Alonso’s commentary on “GP2 engine” to Verstappen’s title

Honda is gone Formula 1 successfully, because the Japanese engine manufacturer played a key role in Max Verstappenworld championship. But, the last few years have seen many ups and downs for Honda.

In 2015, at Hondathe Japanese Grand Prix at home, there was humiliation Fernando Alonso criticized their engine on his radio.

“GP2 engine, aaaarrrghhh”, we heard the Spaniard say while his Mclaren the car was easily passed.

Although Alonso didn’t want to embarrass Japanese society, he meant what he said.

“It came from a place of frustration and maybe I shouldn’t say it, but I didn’t say it on TV or at the press conference,” he added. Alonso later told F1 Racing.

“I was talking to my engineer in a private conversation. It wasn’t supposed to be public. But, the engine was very bad.”

Mclaren separated from Honda at the end of 2017, the Japanese company using its services to Toro Rosso in 2018, then also in Red bull in 2019. This produced a strong 2020 for both teams, after Toro Rosso become AlphaTauri, corn Honda have announced that they will be leaving F1 at the end of 2021.

Despite this, 2021 has been one of their best years to date in terms of performance as AlphaTauri finished sixth and Red bull second in the constructors’ championship, with Verstappen‘s Red bull car ahead of the F1 world championship in the final race.

Like Honda Say goodbye to F1 for now, CEO Toshihiro Mibe reflected on the trip.

“For Honda, this title is the goal that we have set ourselves since our return to F1 in 2015 and today we have written a new chapter in Hondaof history, ”he said.

HondaF1 general manager Masashi yamamoto added that the Mclaren the struggles paved the way for the 2021 success story.

“All the fundamental foundations that we have now that allow us to fight for the championship have been built in the Mclaren days, so we achieved a lot there, ” Yamamoto noted.

“It was just a shame that we respected each other too much and that meant it didn’t really work out well, because we respected them and they respected us, but it didn’t really work.

“But, we learned a lot of things and this learning accelerated our development in this Red bull time.”

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