How Persona 6’s alleged high school setting likely changed

The eagerly awaited Persona 6 has not been officially confirmed; although, given the success of Persona 5 and its multiple fallout, it’s only a matter of time until Atlus rolls back the curtains for that next main entrance. Persona 6 could happen sooner rather than later, and given the series’ regained global appeal, could also turn out to be the Skyrim JRPGs on PS5 if it can reach heights similar to Persona 5the popularity of.

Persona 5 unique art style and extensive RPG systems have taken the franchise to an unprecedented level, and fans are excited to see where Persona 6 takes the series next. Given the abundance of fan expectations, there’s no doubt that Persona 6 is probably going to shake things up and probably feel very different from its predecessors. While it’s too early to predict what would change, one thing that’s most likely to change is her portrayal of mid-high school.

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How things have changed since Persona 5

Persona 5 red and yellow

Character the games have always focused on the human psyche, as young high school students struggle to explore and possibly find their true identities. Thanks to its diversity of characters, the Character franchise has explored various social issues that plague modern Japanese societies. As such, each subsequent entry feels progressive in terms of portraying the game’s story and characters.

Persona 5 was a thematically different game before the horrific Tohoku earthquake that occurred in 2011. Game producer Katsura Hashino has revealed how game development took a drastic turn after the Tohoku disaster. contrary to Persona 3 and Persona 4, Persona 5 is more grounded in the topics it discusses and the malware its many antagonists describe. Persona 5 explored issues such as plagiarism, labor exploitation, cybercrime, bullying, sexual assault, political corruption and more during its 100-hour campaign, and was commended for its grounded representation.

With the ongoing pandemic, the world is a different place than it was five years ago, and every aspect of civilization has been affected. In some cases continues to be affected by it. Celebrity developer Hideo Kojima at Summer Game Fest spoke about the dramatic change in his creative process since the start of the pandemic, explaining how creators like him are now looking at things from the inside out rather than the outside.

The development of Persona 6 could also be influenced by the pandemic. It is hard to imagine that this will not be the case, given the direction to the land of Persona 5. Social simulation is one of the essential aspects of Character games since Persona 3, and is most likely to be affected and influenced by the current global scenario.

Online high school

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Going to high school as a regular student, hanging out with friends, and having a part-time job are all crucial aspects of the recent Character titles and ultimately related to the progress of the game. Persona 5 has some of the most comprehensive social simulation systems out there, as the game continues to introduce new activities even late in the game. It is highly probable that Persona 6 would continue the tradition of putting players in the shoes of a high school student and allow them to live out their high school fantasies through the lens of these characters. However, it can be very different from that of Persona 5 or Persona 4.

Since the Covid outbreak, schools, universities and even offices, to some extent, have closed indefinitely to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Homework and home schooling standards are being implemented around the world and would likely be the new standard given the situation. The pandemic has radically changed the way social interactions work, leaving people to rely solely on the digital world to interact with each other.

Persona 5 takes place in a timeline where people normally attend high schools, universities, and offices. The only digital interaction players can do is through cell phones, although this is also limited to automated conversations with other characters. Persona 6 would be radically different given society’s over-reliance on the Internet and the digital world over the past two years.

Overdependence on the internet and the digital world is both a boon and a curse, especially for high school students. Japan is famous for “hikikomori”, a term used for socially withdrawn people who spend their lives inside their homes in complete isolation. While the internet and technology are believed to be the cause of the rise of hikikomori culture, ironically, this is what sustains social interactions and mundane facets of daily life in a world plagued by a pandemic.

One of Persona 5 the main characters, Futaba Sakura, was also a hikikomori and had her own palace for players to explore. Given that the whole world is apparently being forced into lockdown, it would be interesting to see how Persona 6 distinguishes these unusual characters from ordinary people and how the impression of society has changed since the world has changed. Representing such aspects of everyday Japanese society in a new light could differentiate Persona 6 not only Persona 5, but the high school anime in general.

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What Persona 6 Could Look Like

Persona 6 Different

Yes Persona 6 ends up emulating the current world scenario, it might look very different from the past Character securities. It also means that Persona 6 would finally avoid the great anime tropes which Persona 5 relies heavily on. For example, the main characters probably won’t be able to walk around in school uniforms. It would also affect the functioning of school festivals, exams and other social activities. Player characters could spend more time at home, which could forge deeper bonds with their parents and siblings, something high school kids aren’t usually used to.

Persona 6 could also introduce more activities centered around the player’s house. Persona 5 added a bunch of activities like this, like the ability to make coffee or play video games. While calming, there are many other exciting activities and interactions players can have outside of the home. Persona 6 could apparently change that. It could also add something where players have the option of not attending school, as it’s online, but with additional consequences. In Persona 4, players could indulge in gardening. Mundane introspective activities like this could Persona 6 because players spend more time at home.

While Atlus is not ready to talk about Persona 6 yet this highly anticipated sequel should be on its way. Persona 6 could be revamped extensively, given the series’ interest in depicting everyday problems. In this regard, Persona 6 is similar to Grand Theft Auto 6. Some may recall that players had to attend internet cafes in Grand Theft Auto 4 to use the Internet, while in Grand Theft Auto 5The internet was not only easily accessible through the player’s phone, but also had many attributes attached to it. Persona 6 could have a similar drastic transition from Persona 5, at least as far as its representation in high school is concerned.

Persona 6 is rumored to be in development.

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