How to Harness Liquidity in Fine Jewelry and Diamonds for Coronavirus Emergency Money

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the budgets of many individuals, families and small businesses. Historically high unemployment rates and declining activity levels are driving a need for both immediate and short-term liquidity to help cover spending in the coming months of economic uncertainty. Traditional bank loans and lines of credit are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, and even for those who qualify, it can take several weeks or more before cash becomes available. A timely and attractive alternative is a collateral loan. A collateral loan leverages many people’s equity in jewelry or diamonds they already own, allowing money to be transferred to a borrower’s bank account in as little as 48 hours. Fine jewelry and diamonds are the most frequently used form of collateral for collateral loans through Borro, leading provider of collateral loans guaranteed by luxury assets.

What is a collateral loan? Collateral loans are a reliable, fast, and easy way to access cash without a credit check, credit history, or financial disclosures. Instead, individuals can obtain a loan using luxury assets such as luxury and classic cars, fine jewelry and diamonds, gold and precious metals, handbags and accessories from creators, first auction house warranties, luxury real estate, and even guaranteed sports or entertainment contracts. Many don’t realize that owning these assets can make the most flexible, convenient, and immediate financing options available when cash flow needs are unforeseen and urgent. Borro is the nation’s leading provider of collateral loans, having provided $ 450,000,000 in loans to over 15,000 investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners and any luxury asset owner in need of cash but preferring not to sell ‘assets.

What are collateral loans on fine jewelry and diamonds? Fine jewelry and diamond owners, collectors and professionals, including wholesalers, retailers, designers and manufacturers, can obtain a Borro Standard Loan or Line of Credit, for amounts ranging from $ 2,500 over $ 5,000,000. Borro allows clients to capitalize on the true value of their assets without waiting and, more importantly, without having to sell. Borro’s in-house specialists have a combined experience of over 80 years with luxury assets. They are experts in this field with deep relationships with auction houses and a strong network of appraisers, traders and dealers.

Who can get a loan on their jewelry and diamonds? Borro has made this financing option available to anyone with assets such as white or colored diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies, property and fine jewelry in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, brooches, earrings and more, from brands such as Harry Winston, Cartier, Blue Nile, Van Cleef and Arpels, Mikimoto, Tiffany and Bulgari.

The capital can be used for personal or professional purposes with liquidity available in just 48 hours. For example, a specialist lawyer with seasonal income needed capital to cover his living expenses for several months on low income. Liquidation of securities to cover this period was not an attractive option due to market timing and tax considerations, and selling luxury assets was not desirable. Using several fine jewelry assets, she secured a loan of $ 575,000 within days from Borro to cover her seasonal expenses. After income production resumed a few months later, Borro’s loan was repaid and his jewelry, which had been safely stored and fully insured by Borro, was returned. Another Borro client is a jewelry trading company that needed capital to seize the opportunity to increase inventory with urgent additions. Because the opportunity presented itself during a slow season, she didn’t have enough cash to fund it. Traditional lenders were not an option for this type of business. She used several fine jewelry assets from her existing inventory to obtain a loan of $ 150,000 from Borro to acquire the new pieces. The loan was repaid a few months later after business resumed, and the assets used as collateral were returned to the jeweler’s inventory.

What are the criteria for obtaining a collateral loan on fine jewelry or diamonds? A Borro collateral loan offer is based on the secondary value of the asset. Value is determined by make and model, condition, rarity, age and provenance. Additionally, Borro digs into market feedback and leverages information from manufacturers, auction house records, and third-party data collectors. As part of Borro’s diligence, they also review lost and stolen property records.

Who is Borro? Borro, Luxury Asset Capital brand, is the leader in confidential loans that use the borrower’s luxury assets as collateral. We are a timely alternative to traditional loans which are often too slow, invasive and expensive or, in some cases, unavailable. We unlock equity in a wide range of luxury assets that are high value but illiquid and execute transactions of thousands to millions of dollars in as little as one business day.

We were created to provide capital to individuals at critical times because we can be trusted to act quickly and confidentially to meet individual financial and business deadlines. We have loaned to over 15,000 clients, providing over $ 450 million in loans since our founding over ten years ago. Borro’s standardized levels of transparency, convenience and service make Borro the leader in trusted alternative lending solutions.

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