In hospital in Japan for 8 months, Gujarat man is taken home in an Air India ambulance

A Gujarat man, who was in a Japanese hospital for treatment of tuberculosis and stroke for eight months, was brought to Ahmedabad via Delhi in an air ambulance after his family collected more than 40 lakh of rupees from of donors online to facilitate his trip home, his family members said Tuesday.

Jayesh Patel (33), a resident of Bhesana in Mehsana District, was in Ota city, Japan on a work permit when he contracted tuberculosis (TB) in October last year and has then suffered a stroke (caused due to poor blood flow to the brain), friends and family said.

He was admitted to a hospital in Shibukawa and has undergone treatment for the past eight months, they said.

Jayesh Patel was residing in Japan alone as his wife, who had left with him to work there, returned home for the birth of their child, they said.

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When his father visited his hospitalized son, all he wanted was to bring him back to India for treatment, but couldn’t pay the price, Jayesh Patel’s friend Mukund Patel said.

“His family and local friends have appealed on social media to raise 1.25 crore rupees needed to bring him back by air ambulance and get him treated here.

“They ran campaigns on various social media platforms, created an ‘I support Jayesh Patel’ page on Facebook and received an overwhelming response from the public,” said Mukund Patel.

“In accordance with the conditions imposed by the hospital in Japan, a team of Indian doctors was to go there to accompany him in the ambulance.

A team of medics from Ahmedabad traveled to Japan and under their observation Jayesh Patel was taken to Delhi in an Air India ambulance on Monday.

“From there he was flown to Ahmedabad where he was admitted to a private hospital for treatment,” Mukund Patel said.

Mukund Patel said Jayesh Patel’s family were overwhelmed by the support they received from ordinary citizens, who generously donated.

“People have responded overwhelmingly to the plea for financial help from Jayesh Patel’s family members. Financial aid from donors has helped them bring him back,” he said.

Jayesh Patel’s younger brother Hardik Patel said they managed to raise Rs 41 lakh.

“My brother and sister-in-law went to Japan in 2018 with a work permit. While my sister-in-law returned, my brother was planning to come home in December of last year.

“Unfortunately, on October 5, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and admitted to a hospital there. On January 6 of this year, he suffered a stroke and his condition deteriorated,” said Hardik Patel. .

Hardik Patel said his family members had asked the authorities for help in bringing his brother back to Gujarat.

“We felt that he was not receiving proper treatment there, so we wrote to the Indian Embassy in Japan and also to the Prime Minister’s Office for assistance in bringing him back to India.

“We then decided to collect Rs 1.25 crore from donors to hire an air ambulance and cover other costs. We collected Rs 41 lakh in donations from a large number of people who responded to our appeal,” said Hardik Patel.

Jayesh Patel was brought to Gujarat after obtaining the necessary permits and medical clearances from the Indian and Japanese governments, he said.

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