In the Time Warner Cable / Charter / Spectrum merger, what will happen to everyone’s old email addresses?

There are many questions regarding the merger and acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications, which took place on May 18 of this year. Too many to list here, but here’s one: What will happen to the @ email accounts of current subscribers?

We started by calling Charter customer service. Except they have no idea what will happen to email accounts, although they have said customers won’t see any changes for a year. They also said customers would receive updates on their bills as well as automated phone calls about changes before they happen.

But that still doesn’t answer the mystery of what will happen to mail servers. So we emailed Bret Picciolo, Time Warner Cable’s PR manager, asking if current TWC customers will need to switch their emails to a Charter or Spectrum email domain. He hasn’t responded yet.

Then we emailed Charter Communication’s public relations department, asking the same questions: Will current Time Warner customers still be able to use their current email address or will they have to change their email address? mail in Spectrum or Charter account? If so, will these customers still have access to their emails from the TWC account and will an email forwarding option be available for the new email? What will happen to the mail server and the domains of these accounts?

Again, no response to date. But while waiting for a response, we called Oceanic Time Warner’s local customer service. Their rep had a little more information on the email issue. It turns out that when Time Warner acquired Road Runner, it allowed customers to keep their @ ​​ email domain while all new customers received the @ email domain. When you log into the mail server provided by TWC, it is clear that the username requires your entire e-mail address to account for both mail domains.

So in conclusion, it looks like @ customers (and @ customers, for that matter) will be able to keep their old email addresses.

Most likely.

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