INCREMENT P to join the HERE Marketplace

  • Japanese digital map and location intelligence business at to offer access to his map and location The data through HEREof global location data exchange hub

Amsterdam, Netherlands / Tokyo, Japan – HERE Technologies, the leading platform for location data and technologies, and INCREMENT P, the Japanese digital mapping and location company, today announced that INCREMENT P is expanding the access to its comprehensive location and high-quality content and datasets available through the HERE Marketplace, in addition to what is already available to developers in HERE Workspace.

These datasets include data on the Japanese road network, detailed map data including building footprints, address data corresponding to Japan’s unique address system, points of interest (POI) data and traffic information. In addition, INCREMENT P provides information on upcoming changes in road and urban infrastructure (including newly created roads, changes in street width, as well as new or closed buildings and facilities) which can be used by customers. for local marketing, urban planning and real estate purposes. .

By bringing its data to the HERE Marketplace and leveraging the vast HERE location content ecosystem, INCREMENT P is expanding its reach to customers worldwide, responding to the growing importance of location intelligence in the digitalized world. and data-driven today to serve a variety of use cases. in several sectors.

“We will continue to provide access to our map data of Japan through HERE Workspace and help improve the overall value of the HERE location platform by making our map data available for distribution to customers through the HERE Marketplace. Our partnership with HERE gives us access to businesses around the world and will further drive the global demand for location-based services. We look forward to strengthening our cooperation with HERE as an important strategic partner, ”said Takahito Aiki, Chairman and CEO of INCREMENT P.

“Our strong partnership with INCREMENT P, established in 2017, has enabled HERE to provide location-based products and services to the Japanese market. By making the INCREMENT P data suite available to multiple industries and businesses through the HERE marketplace, in Japan and overseas, we are jointly expanding the boundaries of location technology and accelerating digital transformation for our customers ” , said Akihiro Takahashi, vice president of sales, Japan at HERE Technologies.

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About INCREMENT P VSorponse
In 1994, INCREMENT P started its digital mapping business for car navigation systems and engaged in the entire mapping process, from mapping maintenance to providing services throughout Japan, developing data. mapping and software for automotive navigation systems, as well as mapping services under the MapFan brand. Based on the unique and innovative map development technology which quickly collects, extracts and updates a large amount of real-world changes, INCREMENT P is able to deliver highly accurate maps with great freshness, and also delivers maps high precision essential. to achieve highly automated driving. Additionally, we are working to create new geolocation-based services by combining maps with a variety of big data and real-time data, including people flow data.

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