ITV Britain’s Got Talent Gold Buzzer magician has revealed he starred in three other versions of the show

A Britain’s Got Talent magician who received a Golden Buzzer has already auditioned for the franchise in three other countries, it has emerged. Japanese street magician Keiichi Iwasaki invited judge Alesha Dixon to assist him in a mind-blowing illusion, which seriously stunned the audience and the four judges.

His magic trick involved Alesha lifting a finger and holding it in place while he shows a ring. Moving away from her, he then said, “This ring, your finger.” Suddenly, the ring begins to levitate and move through the air towards Alesha.

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Simon and the rest of the judging panel were left speechless, and hosts Ant and Dec were so mesmerized by the illusion that they awarded Keiichi their Golden Buzzer. However, this isn’t the first time he’s shown off his magic tricks on a TV show. Turns out he’s performed and auditioned on three other shows.

In 2016 he auditioned for the Italian version of Britain’s Got Talent before reaching the semi-finals of the Spanish version of the show. He recently fulfilled his illusions in the Bulgarian spin-off in 2021 and recently appeared in the German talent program last year: Das Supertalent.

It comes after fans of the ITV program were furious after singer Loren Allred received Simon’s Golden Buzzer in the first round of auditions. Although she wowed crowds with her incredible singing, it turned out that she had already toured with legend Andrea Bocelli, with many viewers calling her audition a “cheat”.

Keiichi automatically advances to the semi-finals thanks to the Golden Buzzer given by Ant and Dec. Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturdays at 8pm on ITV and ITV Hub

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