Japanese city of Soma used tsunami lessons for Covid-19 vaccinations

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Tamio Hayashi, 77, doubted he would ever be able to navigate the internet systems set up to register Covid-19 vaccines in most of Japan.

He also hated the idea of ​​using the troublesome systems that broke down and baffled other older residents, hampering Japan’s vaccination surge.

Luckily, local authorities in the small northwest town helped him through the red tape and he got his vaccines, which is a rarity in Japan, where authorities rush to vaccinate the vulnerable elderly population before the start of the six-month summer Olympics.

Hayashi told media it was great after he and his wife received the second doses of the vaccine at a local gym.

Soma is a rural town 240 kilometers (150 miles) north of Tokyo that was devastated by the tsunami and earthquake in 2011 and has led most of the country in immunization taking into account lessons learned from the disaster that has occurred a decade since.

Japan lags far behind other advanced economies when it comes to immunizing its population, as 12% of the population has just received a single injection.

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