Japanese manufacturer ordered to take action over misleading advertising of ‘splash-proof’ kettles

Tiger Corp.’s PCK-A080 electric kettle, which was the subject of action orders, is seen in Chuo Ward, Osaka, August 31, 2021. (Mainichi / Atsushi Inagaki)

OSAKA – The Japanese Consumer Agency has issued action orders to electrical appliance maker Tiger Corp. on August 31 after determining that his advertisement for an electric kettle claiming that it would not spill water even if it fell was a violation of the anti-false law advertisement.

According to the agency and the Japanese Fair Trade Commission, the kettle that was found to violate the law against wrongful bounties and misleading claims is the model PCK-A080. The agency explained that there were cases of hot water spilling out when the kettles fell.

In its TV commercials, the Osaka Prefecture maker explained that the kettle is designed not to spill boiling water in the event of an accident. The ad showed the kettle overturned on a sofa to show how the liquid inside wouldn’t spill.

In response to the investigation, the company said it knew that if the kettle fell, the liquid contents would spill. They reportedly said there was no liquid in the kettle when the commercial was filmed.

Officials from the Consumer Affairs Agency and the regional office of the Japan Fair Trade Commission explain the action taken against Tiger Corp. in Chuo Ward, Osaka on August 31, 2021 (Mainichi / Atushi Inagaki)

According to Tiger, just under 100,000 units of the disputed kettle have been shipped in total since June 2019.

The company told the Mainichi Shimbun, “We take the order seriously and will make improvements to avoid such incidents in the future. The lack of liquid (in the advertisement) was part of a staged scene, but it was inappropriate. ”

(Japanese original by Atsushi Inagaki, Osaka City News Service)

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