‘Kingdom Hearts’ Might Not Play Well On Nintendo’s Cloud Streaming Service

the Kingdom Hearts The collection of the three core games is coming to Nintendo’s cloud streaming service, but a report suggests there are issues with input lag, frame rate and graphics.

According to a report by Eurogamer, the Kingdom Hearts the games available on Nintendo Switch through its cloud streaming service may not be worth the $90 (£67) that Square Enix is ​​asking for. Two journalists tested numerous demos on the service that let you play each game for 15 minutes and recorded their findings.

Using 65Mbps and 100Mbps fiber connections, they experience issues with graphics, frame rate, and input lag despite high internet speeds. Games were also tested in docked mode which has higher performance results. Games on the service were downgraded and compressed to 720p from the original 1080p before being released to the console. This may or may not be a problem for gamers depending on their level of precision with the graphics.

Kingdom Hearts III. Credit: Square Enix

The last version Kingdom Hearts 3 will play at 60 frames per second, which minimizes frame rate issues. However, the first two games in the series, which originally released on PlayStation 2, run at 60fps on console and 120fps on PC, but appear to be capped at 30fps on the streaming service.

The biggest issue seems to be input lag. Cloud streaming services are known to lag because there are multiple barriers between player input and gameplay. entry and response. It’s not unplayable, but could be a problem for high performance gamers. However, due to the Switch’s poor WiFi receiver hardware, when playing this way, the lag can be up to 2 seconds, one of the worst seen in games.

If these reported performance issues influence the decision to purchase the Kingdom Hearts Games obviously remain a personal choice. Those concerned can always try the 15-minute demo before buying.

In other news, a leaked image from Japanese Nintendo Dream magazine hints that a brand new title from a major Nintendo IP will be announced next month (February), though no further details were given.

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