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The cryptocurrency market is stagnating. Investors are cautious and hesitant to invest. Some initiatives, however, thrive even under such circumstances: Mars4, a game-to-win project, saw an increase in NFT sales. Mars4 is growing through scheduled releases (like a game demo) and the help of Japanese KOLs.

Mars4, a metaverse game, generated a surge in sales in the first weeks of June. Mars4’s use of a regional marketing strategy saw the majority of sales come from Japan. Together with KOLs such as Daisuke and Crypto Train, Mars4 is taking over the Japanese market. Yuzo Kano, a well-known crypto advocate and CEO of BitFlyer, had become interested in Mars4 a year earlier. This inspired the Mars4 team to create a Telegram group for Mars4 Japan, which was quickly followed by other cultural communities such as Turkey, Italy, China and others.

Some cultural channels are also available on Mars4 Discord, as the company tries to be inclusive for everyone, regardless of their native language.

Mars4 also plans to expand into other markets in other regions, which will result in greater project exposure and faster growth.

Explore and colonize Mars to earn money

Mars4 is a metaverse game that includes survival elements. Users will be able to participate in the Mars experience while earning money.

It was created using two important blockchain assets: cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Using Mars4, you can purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of Martian land. In the next video game, you will have complete freedom to explore, develop and terraform your land to improve your chances of survival.

NFTs for a variety of in-game vehicles and other products will also be available soon on Mars4.

NFTs are used for in-game objects and lands to grant players full control over their possessions. No one, including game developers, can take them away from users because they are kept on the blockchain.

As a landowner, you will have complete control over your land governance, from making it public to enlisting other players to help you grow your empire. The best thing is that you will be rewarded with MARS4 dollars for your time and effort.

MARS4 dollars are the in-game currency that can be used for several metaverse activities, including trading. The MARS4 dollar can be acquired both actively (through gambling) and passively (by other means, such as holding NFTs).

MARS4 dollars are altcoins, so anyone who earns them can use them beyond gaming. The integration of cryptocurrencies into computer games provides players with the opportunity to profit from their hobby.

Earn passive income by investing in NFTs Mars4

The community pool allows investors to earn NFTs passively. Every time you buy Mars4 NFTs, your productivity score improves. Landowners can choose to open the communal pool to the public and distribute its funds to NFT holders in amounts that depend on their productivity ratings. You will get more when distributing if the score is higher. As Mars4 is intended to be administered by the community, the voting system is the first step towards a DAO where anyone can be part of the governance of Mars4.

The Mars4 Community Pool is regularly replenished with MARS4 Dollars from many sources, including sales (both B2B and B2C) and advertising, with 20% of all revenue being reserved for the community. This strategy allows investors to get regular rewards for holding NFTs without putting in any effort.


The NFT and crypto markets have been dormant for the past few months. Investors are debating whether to buy now or wait for the market to recover. By refocusing its marketing strategy on regional techniques, Mars4 was able to break the ice with the help of Japanese KOLs. The project is working on its marketing strategy and plans to expand further.

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