Masks will be “removed” indoors on March 21, Vax Mandate 3-1 event

Domestic term ends 3-21 (Townsquare Media)

Domestic term ends 3-21 (Townsquare Media)

Starting March 21, students, fitness enthusiasts, shoppers, diners, and more. can breathe fresh air

The Inner Mask term ends on March 21. in WA with a few exceptions

On Thursday afternoon, Governor Inslee released an update, and here’s what will happen on March 21. Here is the update:

  • schools, gyms, stores, indoor sporting events, daycares, etc. – no more requirements
  • Masks will still be MANDATORY in hospitals, dental practices, care facilities for assisted elderly people and correctional facilities (prison-prison)
  • Businesses and venues will still have the option, if they wish, to require masks or vax evidence. But the “official” requirement will be go away.

Good news for Tri-City Americans and other indoor event promoters

Ending in roughly 11 days, the indoor proof of vax or negative COVID test requirement for events of 1,000 or more people ends on MARCH 1.

According to federal law, masks must always be worn on airplanes, airliners.

The Kennewick School District says that under federal law, masks will still be required on school buses.

Schools will begin to receive information on cleaning, disinfection and other precautions that will still be required in the coming weeks.

We don’t know if mandatory match day testing for MS and HS athletes will remain

Currently, all WIAA middle and high schools test their athletes on game days, we do not know if any changes will be made to this procedure. So far, only masks are covered here. We are wondering because of the end of vax indoor’s mandate for major events stopping on March 1st. Additional information here from

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