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Anime Limited possesses Tweeted that he added more projections of Kyoto animation‘s Violet Evergarden: the movie in the UK and Ireland. Details of the screenings are available on

The film opened in Japan in September 2020 and ranked No.2 on its opening weekend. The film is the first new Japanese animated film (as opposed to compilation films) to open in Dolby Cinemas, with Dolby Cinemas screenings opening on November 13 of last year. The film sold 1,450,000 tickets for 2.1 billion yen (approximately $ 20.2 million) as of January 14.

The film is the 2020 film sequel to the Violet Evergarden series, not to be confused with the parallel 2019 film Violet Evergarden I: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll. Anime Limited describes the movie:

Violet Evergarden, a former child soldier turned “Auto Memory Doll” scribe, has made a name for herself writing letters that evoke feelings her clients can’t, in an effort to understand the meaning of “I love you” to her was said a long time ago. When a terminally ill boy asks her to make one last request for his family, Violet must confront her own feelings of love, loss, and past with whoever said those cherished words to her in order to write one last letter. . ”

The film won the animated film category at the Tokyo Anime Film Festival (TAAF) in February. The Japan Academy Film Prize Association for Cinema Excellence nominated the film for Animation of the Year for its 44th annual awards this year.

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