New Pokémon toys and treats are on sale at a Japanese McDonald’s

The Pokémon Company Continues To Roll Out Pikachu-Related Content This Month, With All-New Updates Pokemon toys and treats for sale at McDonald’s in Japan. This promotion will run from June 11 for those lucky enough to be currently in Japan overseas.

Pokemon is currently celebrating the 25th anniversary franchise, with Green Pokémon first launched in Japan in 1996. During the year, the video game studio and Nintendo held a number of promotional events at various online sites. Pokemon securities. Limited edition products were also released, with the franchise making its way through different regions of the Pokemon world as the year progresses. Currently the celebrations are on the 5th generation of Pokemon, the Unova region of Pokémon Black and White.

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Featured in a recent download at McDonald’s Japan‘s Youtube, Pikachu is making its way to local McDonald’s outlets across Japan in the form of themed candy and a range of collectible toys. These limited-time Pikachu-themed candies feature a peach McShake in a Pikachu mug, which has six different varieties of Pikachu to collect. There’s also a Choco-Banana McFlurry, which is a soft ice cream with banana and chocolate syrup and crushed nuts served in a mug adorned with Pikachu’s pretty face. The last of the three “Fruit-chu” candies available is a warm apple cream pie, with three different Pikachu-themed packages. The promotion also includes Pikachu-themed toys included in Happy Meals. Thanks to a post by 4player in Japan, fans can view all the toys in advance and choose their favorites in advance.

This is not the first Pokémon Theme The McDonald’s promotion this year, with Pokemon collectible cards distributed in fast food outlets around the world. This Pokémon Theme Happy Meal included a special pack of Birthday Promotional Trading Cards, with some lucky fans finding foil editions in these packs as well. Unfortunately, the promotion was quickly targeted by scalpers and purchase restrictions had to be imposed.

This current promotion in Japan is similar to the one in May of this year in Hong Kong, although some of the items on offer are different. Hopefully McDonald’s and The Pokémon Company will take the time to expand these Pokemon promotional events outside of Hong Kong and Japan for fans around the world to enjoy during this year’s anniversary celebrations.

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Source: 4player, McDonald’s Japan / YouTube

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