Panasonic no longer manufactures televisions in Japan

Panasonic officials have confirmed that they no longer manufacture televisions in Japan. They say they will focus on overseas production.

The latest Japanese-made Panasonic televisions stopped rolling off-line at a factory north of Tokyo at the end of March. Officials said small-batch manufacturing was expensive and hurt the company’s bottom line.

Production will continue in Malaysia, the Czech Republic and other countries.

The electronics giant is also negotiating to outsource the manufacture of small and medium-sized LCD TVs to its Chinese rival TCL.

Officials say their factory outside Tokyo will be used to develop methods of making televisions and as a base for making aftermarket parts.

Panasonic began national television production in 1952, under the name of Matsushita Electric Industrial Company. The company’s global TV sales exceeded 20 million units at their peak in fiscal 2010.

Televisions were a flagship business for Panasonic until it faced price competition from its South Korean and Chinese competitors. In 2014, the company pulled out of the plasma TV business, in which it had invested heavily.

Its global TV sales fell to around 3.6 million units in fiscal 2020.

Other Japanese electronics companies have pulled out of domestic television production. Hitachi shut down in 2012.

Toshiba sold its business to the Chinese group Hisense three years ago.

Sony Group and Mitsubishi Electric continue to manufacture televisions in Japan.

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