Pluto TV to air classic war film marathon on Remembrance Day

Pluto TV offers a range of classic war movies slated for Memorial Day. Tune in to the Classic Movies channel starting at noon on May 31 to watch the Cinematic Mini Marathon.

Here are the streaming titles during the Memorial Day War Movie Marathon:

Stalag 17 (1953)

Starring William Holden in his Oscar-winning role, Stalag 17 was adapted from a Broadway play of the same name in 1953. One night in 1944, in a German POW camp housing American airmen, two prisoners attempt to escape the complex and are quickly discovered and shot. Among the remaining men, it is suspected that one of their own is a spy for the Germans. All eyes fall on Sgt. Sefton (Holden) whom everyone knows frequently trades with German guards for little luxuries. To protect himself from a crowd of his rabid fellow inmates, Sgt. Sefton decides to find the real traitor among them.

Like Harm (1965)

Sea Captain Torrey (John Wayne) manages to bring his ship unscathed to the Pearl Harbor bombardment, but is later demoted when damaged in a subsequent battle due to his negligence. Back on earth, he begins to reconcile with his estranged son (Brandon de Wilde) and a romance with Nurse Maggie (Patricia Neal), but duty calls him when he and his hitman friend, Cmdr. Paul Eddington (Kirk Douglas), is tasked with saving a dangerous and important mission.

Fighting Sea Bees (1944)

A moral tribute to the US Navy construction battalions that followed the troops invading the Japanese-held Pacific Islands to build tracks, roads and bridges. Wedge Donovan is the civilian head of a construction company approached by the Navy to train its men as specialists. Instead, the brash Donovan wants to prove his crew are up to the task, but they are shot down by the Japanese.

Sands of Iwo Jima (1950)

Marine sergeant. John Stryker (John Wayne) is looked down upon by his own men for his harsh demeanor and grueling training schedule. As the war in the Pacific progresses, however, they begin to respect Stryker’s relentless vision of warfare and his brutal training methods, as it has helped them prepare for the harsh realities of the battlefield. . They will need all of Stryker’s combat tactics if they are to survive what will end up being one of the bloodiest engagements of the war: the Battle of Iwo Jima.

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