Poland is still waiting. This is how other countries have solved the problem of vaccination

It is impossible for the COVID-19 virus to rest. In almost all countries, infection rates are starting to rise dangerously. Fall can once again show the power of disease. Governments in many countries do not wait and offer mandatory vaccinations. Discussions on this subject are also taking place in Poland. In our country, teachers and medical personnel may be subject to compulsory vaccinations. However, no binding decision has been taken in this regard.

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Paid exams, enter a certified restaurant

However, it is declining in many other countries. France has decided to introduce compulsory vaccinations. Until the new rules are announced, 40 percent have been vaccinated here. population. The government wants all healthcare workers to be vaccinated by September 15. Mandatory vaccinations will apply to anyone working in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, regardless of job. If they choose not to, they will not be paid.

France’s highest health authority has recommended that the country consider introducing a mandatory vaccine against the Covid-19 virus to the entire population. However, the government has not yet decided to do so, but has introduced other rules to mobilize adoption of the vaccine.

From August, when entering a cafe, restaurant, shopping mall, hospital or traveling by train, you will need to present a vaccination certificate, and from October you will have to pay for PCR tests at demand paid by the state. An exception will be tests ordered by a doctor.

Unvaccinated people have more difficulty

Medical staff must also be vaccinated against COVID-19 in Hungary and the United Kingdom, as well as in Greece and Italy. Greece announced such guidelines shortly after France. Before the restrictions were in place, 41 percent were vaccinated here. population. In addition to compulsory vaccination for doctors and elderly caregivers, Greece has also decided to check vaccination certificates when entering closed rooms, including restaurants, nightclubs and concert halls.

It’s the same in Italy. There, in addition to vaccinating doctors, there is a similar obligation for teachers. In Italy, a vaccination certificate must also be presented before entering restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping malls, cinemas and theaters. Currently 71 percent. The Italians received at least one dose, 59 percent. He underwent a full cycle of vaccination.

Want to work, get vaccinated

At the end of June, Australia decided to introduce mandatory vaccinations for high-risk elderly care workers and quarantine workers. He also made vaccinations mandatory for Paralympians traveling to Tokyo, as unvaccinated team members can pose health risks.


The Moscow city government has ordered all public service employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Companies have had a month to ensure that at least 60 percent. Workers received their first doses, were fined or temporarily shut down.

Muscovites will no longer need to provide a QR code indicating they have been vaccinated or are immune to sit in cafes, restaurants and bars from July 19.

Want to work, get vaccinated

Follow-up of business by government decisions. More and more companies are deciding to introduce compulsory vaccinations for their employees. This can be seen in the example of the United States.


What decisions will be taken in Poland? The government is considering different scenarios. The situation is also monitored by the head of the sanitary inspection. – We are constantly analyzing the epidemiological situation in Poland and around the world. Various solutions are discussed, and there is an in-depth discussion with experts, including members of the medical board. All available scientific data indicates the role of preventive vaccines as a key factor in the face of the epidemic, which is why the circulation of vaccines is now of paramount importance, explains Jan Bodnar, spokesperson for the Health Inspectorate public.

It was announced there that the compulsory vaccination of medical personnel, and later also of federal administration employees and service providers, similar measures can now be seen in action.


Mandatory vaccinations have already been announced by companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft, Disney and Walmart. The latter company is the largest private employer in the United States, and the obligation will cover headquarters employees and executives traveling to the United States. Everyone who creates movies and series on Netflix should be vaccinated. Soon, similar restrictions could be imposed by other companies.


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