Putin: Russia, US to discuss Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that diplomats from his country and the United States will likely hold a high-level meeting in Geneva early next year to discuss the situation regarding Ukraine.

Putin held his annual year-end press conference on Thursday, answering questions from domestic and foreign media for about four hours.

As tensions rise over the massive build-up of Russian troops along his border with Ukraine, Putin has expressed serious concerns over US and NATO efforts to strengthen ties with that country. .

He asked, “Are we landing missiles near the US borders?” No. It was the United States that brought their missiles to our doorstep. “

Russia demanded written guarantees that NATO will stop its expansion and refuse membership of Ukraine.

Putin said Russia should think about ensuring its security. He said “the ball is in their court,” indicating that Russia intends to seek concessions from the United States through negotiations.

Putin argued that Western countries broke their promise not to embark on NATO expansion eastward after the collapse of the Soviet Union some 30 years ago.

The Russian president said he believes Western countries have exerted constant pressure on Moscow, fearing that Russia is still too big today after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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