Sapporo Television Broadcasting Deploys Riedel MicroN Devices as Main Router in Distributed AV Network

Sapporo Television Broadcasting (STV) deployed 17 Riedel MicroN media distribution network devices as well as two MetroN main routers as part of a MediorNet real-time distributed media network spanning two control rooms, the main broadcast control , news publishing and other areas of the station. With this deployment, STV became the first Riedel customer in Japan to use the MicroN media distribution network device as their primary video router.

“In choosing the MediorNet system for our main facilities, we were cautious at first, but after careful evaluation we were confident that the benefits of MediorNet would prevail,” says Yasutaka Tashiro, Head of Technical Operations Department at STV. “MediorNet offers a very innovative and efficient way to build a system. It also meets all of our requirements and is cost effective. In actual operation, we have taken full advantage of the functionality of MediorNet, and we believe the selection was justified.

While STV initially envisioned a traditional baseband router and a video over IP router, the broadcaster instead opted for Riedel’s MediorNet network with MetroN and MicroN devices. In addition to reducing operating and maintenance costs and dramatically reducing cabling requirements, the MediorNet system offers processing functions, MADI input / output options, and redundancy that contribute to flexibility and reliability. overall system. STV uses the Riedel infrastructure to aggregate video resources from inside and outside the broadcast station and make them easily accessible to different services as needed. The broadcaster also deployed Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom system for flexible communications across the station.

“Once we establish a history of stable MediorNet usage over a long period of time, the decentralized distributed router will become the standard when we upgrade our facilities in the future,” adds Tashiro. “I think it is very important that we already have a good track record, and in the future we would also like to extend the network to our remote production system.”

Within the MediorNet AV network infrastructure, MicroN can serve as a breakout box for a MetroN router and extend connectivity beyond fiber I / O to any type of video and audio I / O required. By connecting 17 MicroN devices with a few optical cables, STV quickly and easily configured the devices as a single large-scale video router. With their built-in video processing functions and MADI inputs / outputs, the devices enable intelligent device design / configuration in the control room, allowing STV to reduce the number of converters and other equipment.

“As broadcasters such as STV consider their transition to IP, MediorNet allows them to take a phased approach – building on their SDI foundation and implementing IP at the right time,” says Takako Konishi, Senior Sales Manager – Japan at Riedel. “Only Riedel can provide a hybrid solution that combines SDI and IP, and we look forward to bringing this sustainable option to more customers in Japan as broadcasters across the country embark on the transition to IP.

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