Sky 1 orders a new crime series: The Four

The Four is a mysterious thriller about a happy family community torn apart by secrets, lies and hidden agendas. It’s an original story written by Harlan Coben, who also wrote this year’s The Five, which aired on Sky 1 in April.

Despite the similar name, the new series is not a sequel or prequel to this critically acclaimed show – it’s a standalone story.

Harlan Coben said: “I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve all accomplished with The Five. Our goal from the start was to create a gripping crime drama that moved, surprised you – and had a shocking and emotionally satisfying ending.

“I never wanted to do a sequel to The Five – that story has now been told – but rather start over and bring a whole new crime drama to the screen. Working with Nicola and Sky again was key to ensuring that was done. creatively, Le Four comes to life the way we envisioned it. “

It is produced by RED Production Company. They are a group behind some of the most critically acclaimed shows of recent years, including Happy Valley, Last Tango in Halifax and Queer As Folk.

Nicola Shindler of RED Production Company, said: “When Harlan told me about the premise of his last story several months ago, I knew it would be just as addicting as The Five. As with all of his work, it was. is utterly intriguing, totally immersive, and completely character-driven. “

The Four will join Sky’s growing portfolio of original shows, including Stan Lee’s The Enfield Haunting, The Last Panthers, and Lucky Man. However, there could be competition on the horizon as Virgin Media develops its own original series.

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