Slow internet, latency and dead zones can be a thing of the past

Those born before 2000 will remember, less fondly, dial-up modems. At the time, we were in awe when connection speeds reached 56 Kbps in 1998. Luckily, those days are over and now we can experience signals hundreds of times faster with this WiFi repeater/extender.

Yes, gone are the days when we had to wait patiently while our computer tried to connect to our phone so noisily – and only one at a time, please. And forget about downloading music or streaming movies. There was no way our gear could handle it. Fast forward to the current day where immediacy is the name of the game, and the faster the signal the better. While the commercial market may not yet be able to replicate the 319 terabits per second that Japanese engineers achieved through fiber optics earlier this year, technology has advanced enough that we can increase our signals to a level where low-speed internet is a thing. of the past, and the lag is virtually non-existent.

Universally compatible, this WiFi repeater/extender uses new software technology to boost your Internet signal up to 300 Mbps. It offers a range of 2,640 feet, which can help eliminate dead zones and signal drops. With so many devices and devices now using Wi-Fi in our homes, getting a reliable signal is essential, even more important now that more of us are working or studying at home. You can even signal while sitting outside on your patio or hiding in the garage.

Since Wi-Fi is almost as essential as electricity, make sure your network is sending out signals at its fastest, strongest, and longest. This WiFi Booster Repeater Signal Booster is going to help make sure everything works and everyone in the house is happy. It will be as if your network is on steroids. Available now at 33% off the suggested retail price, it can be yours for just $29.99, the best price you’ll find on the internet.

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