Student-initiated program to benefit Habitat for Humanity Maui

High school student Pohaku Kepler hopes the program will help put local families in affordable housing. Photo: Habitat for Humanity Maui

Pohaku Kepler, a local high school student, recently started the “100 Realtors Who Care” program at his senior project at Kihei Charter High School. Inspired by “100 men / women who care,” Kepler hopes to encourage 100 local real estate agents to donate at least $ 100 each to Habitat for Humanity Maui. Her goal is to raise $ 10,000 to help build more affordable housing in Maui that will benefit local low-income families.

Inspired by the ‘Care’ movements, Pohaku made the connection that local real estate agents – who are often in the profession due to a passion for helping people access homeownership – can come together and make a big impact. more important as a group for the benefit of those who are unable to afford to buy a house in the mainstream market.

“It’s so inspiring when young people not only see a problem, but take direct action to make a real difference,” said Max Tornai, Director of Development for Habitat for Humanity. “To date, Pohaku’s efforts have already raised approximately $ 6,000 from more than 25 donors. These funds will go a long way to helping us continue to build safe and affordable housing on Maui.

Realtors who donate can be listed on the program’s website, which can be linked to the agent’s business page. For more information about the program and how to donate, visit



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