Successful real estate investor Mark Whitten builds wealth and community

When you first meet Mark Whitten, you probably wouldn’t know he’s a successful real estate investor from Baltimore, Maryland, but that’s why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Over the past 10 years, the Morgan State University graduate has amassed an impressive real estate portfolio through Wholesale offers and buy and keep Properties. Due to his passion for real estate and sharing his wealth of knowledge with others, he launched a coaching program designed to educate and prepare future real investors to use real estate as a vector of wealth creation. Whitten even offers attractive incentives for its students, such as free homes and “cash” gifts.

Black company spoke to Whitten about her real estate journey.

BE: When and how did you start in real estate?

Whitten: It all started as a child, I always watched what I had compared to what I saw on TV. I was always amazed that there were actually people in the world who were successful and seemed to have a lot of money. Growing up, I watched my single mother of three struggle to make ends meet, but she always managed to find her way. My mom had three jobs to keep a roof over our heads and couldn’t spend as much time as she wanted with my older brother Derrick, who died of cancer at the age of 19. It made me develop a state of mind with yearning. get it right from the start and start looking for a way out.

Fast forward, when I graduated from Morgan State University in marketing in 2005, the job market in my field was a little tough, so a friend helped me find a job in a group home. I remember going to work every day and reading real estate books because, according to my research, real estate had created the most millionaires in the world. So I kept reading all the books I could to educate myself and then I found mentors to help shorten my learning curve.

TO BE: Wbear did you realize that real estate investing would be your long term career plan?

I realized that real estate investing would be my long term career plan once I started making a lot of money doing business. I would make more money on a single transaction than I would earn in a few months working at the group home. I also learned the importance of property, equity and cash flow. For example, I can own a house worth $ 200,000 that I paid for $ 60,000 and spent $ 40,000 on renovations to make it worth $ 200,000. My net worth is now increasing by $ 100,000 and I have $ 100,000 in equity. I can now rent this house to a section 8 tenant and receive positive cash flow each month in rental income. So if the rent is $ 1,800 per month and my expenses are $ 1,000 per month (mortgage, taxes, insurance), that would give $ 800 per month of positive cash flow. Now imagine doing it over and over again; all your bills would be paid and you can really create financial freedom.

Mark Whitten (Photo credit: Anthony Paye Jr.)

TO BE: Explain the impact real estate investing has had on your life.

Real estate has allowed me to have the life I have always dreamed of and has given me the means to not only provide for my family, but also to educate and empower my community. I thank God for choosing me, answering my prayers as a child, and showing me that I can have whatever I want in life as long as I meet Him halfway within me. putting to work.

TO BE: What motivated you to launch the Real estate money club teach others how to invest in real estate?

My sponsor, Valarie Scott, who also invests and was one of my early mentors, suggested that I go to San Diego for a real estate seminar to learn how to become a real estate agent. At the time, I was already successful in doing business, but I was in the process of becoming a real estate agent. When I got there it was a full hall of about 1000 people and there was a guy on stage teaching everyone and I was blown away. I told myself from that day that I was going to use all my knowledge to educate and empower my community with it.

TO BE: What can future coaching clients expect to learn from your program?

Prospective coaching students can expect to learn step-by-step how to start making money investing in real estate in their city and state. My students will learn how to quickly set up wholesale homes with no cash or credit checks and how to generate monthly cash flow by owning a home. We have also just added a new course for our students, which teaches how to buy, renovate and sell houses. Most importantly, my students will acquire the specialist knowledge on how to invest in real estate without using their money or credit. The advantage of choosing my program is that you will learn a step by step system that will allow you to take immediate action so that you can start making money.

TO BE: What advice can you give to someone who is interested in your coaching program but cannot afford it at the moment?

The best advice I can give is to develop a “How can I?” Never say you can’t because you’re training your subconscious to believe that you can’t do something and that closes the options. Also, invest in as many self-help books as you can. The one I would recommend is called The key to yourself by Venice Bloodworth.

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