Succession Season 3 Episode 3 Interview with Shiv Roy Spit Sarah Snook

When the first teaser for the third season of HBO Succession arrived, fans of the series went wild, but one specific moment stood out: Sarah Snook’s Shiv Roy serving up a juicy wad of spit. It is the law that ignited the Internet. Even before the new season premiered, the image had been turned into GIF, and there was a chorus of people on Twitter asking Shiv to spit on it.

After episode 3, we know the whole context. Shiv, the newly appointed president of Waystar Royco, was giving a presentation at a company-wide town hall when her brother Kendall (Jeremy Strong) hijacks the scene. He detonates Nirvana’s “Rape Me” from a series of speakers as she tries to allay concerns of sexual misconduct. She is humiliated, so she rushes into her office where she finds evidence of her burglary. She takes a notebook, turns a page and ejects a big wad of saliva while holding back tears.

“I really knew people were going crazy right now for spitting in the newspaper,” Snook told Thrillist. Maybe it’s because it’s so much what we perceive to be non-feminine and non-feminine and there’s something really basic about it and animal. It’s a childish thing. to do, and yet, because now we understand the context and we know what it’s coming from and see the anger that she has, there’s something really powerful and sexy about it. It’s dirty. It’s dirty. is unexpected. “

Shiv’s pin was also a shocking development for Snook given the COVID restrictions the cast faced while filming this season. “I was reading the episode with my husband and we were like, ‘It’s not safe for COVID, what are we going to do there? “”, she says.

Because even though coughing up is a hilarious and youthful gesture, when Shiv pulls himself together and fights back seriously, she does it with even more force. She writes a blunt letter to Kendall, describing him as an addict and misogynist with “messy thinking”. It’s so mean that even Connor (Alan Ruck) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) won’t sign it.

When he first encountered Shiv’s power move villain, Snook just wanted to make him “believable.” “It’s a horrible thing to say,” she said. “And there’s something all Roy kids do, which is blind ego narcissism where they think they’re right. It’s a Logan trait, I think. Shiv is just going in that state of being. ‘spirit.”

This desire for Roy to dig into his heels is something that is at the heart of Shiv’s quest this season, Snook adds. “She wonders which side she is on,” she said. “It doubles down on being part of this business and this family – or if it’s not the family, then owning the business and in that sense the family as well. Or running the family, at least. She’s trying to find her own identity in this game plan. ” And she’s ready to spit on anyone who gets in her way.

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