Tesla Ludicrous Mode Can Cause “Fatigue Damage” – Launch Mode Has Its Limits

Tesla Motors Inc uses live software updates quickly add new features to its electric vehicles, or correct problems without requiring consumers to bring their vehicles to service centers. However, an apparent software update has upset a few Tesla owners, according to a report from Green Car Reports.

Tesla sets limits on ‘launch mode’

The software in question is said to limit the number of times the launch mode can be used with particular batteries. It decreases performance once a limit determined by the electric car manufacturer is reached. A user named Ingineer was the first to mention the launch mode limit on the Tesla Motors Club forum.

Launch Mode, like the launch control systems of several other internal combustion performance cars, is an electronic aid intended to make it easier for drivers to achieve maximum acceleration from a standing start.

Tesla Motors Inc is proud of how its performance vehicle launches. Launch mode is used to electronically help drivers achieve the best possible acceleration from a standstill. However, car owners do not get “frequent pitcher” points from the EV company. On the contrary, the power of performance cars (made by the automaker) will automatically be limited if they use the Launch Mode feature too frequently.

According to Electrek, the automaker has confirmed the practice, saying other performance cars do the same. Electrek notes that Tesla’s manual makes no mention of launch mode limitations. However, the site noted that Tesla recently added words about “limited checks” to the performance warning on its website.

“The performance versions of the S and X models continuously monitor the condition of various components and can use throttling controls to optimize the overall driving and ownership experience,” he says.

Model S P100D has no limits

A Model S P90D owner, in the same thread, claimed that his vehicle was actually restricted after using the Launch Mode feature. The owner said his car previously pulled 1,600 amps and 512 kilowatts (686 horsepower), but became limited to 1,500 amps and 480 kW (643 horsepower) at one point, per the GCR.

A representative from Tesla Motors Inc told the owner of the aforementioned Model S P90D that the automaker has put limits on the Model S P90D because the launch mode “places increased strain on the entire powertrain.” The representative said the vehicle’s computers automatically track the use of launch mode and constantly estimate fatigue damage.

“Depending on how the launch mode is used, the computer can potentially limit the power available during launch mode to protect the powertrain,” the representative said, calling these limits a “common strategy” among tall cars. performance. The owner of the Model S P90D has been advised that the issue will be resolved if he upgrades his vehicle to model S P100D with Ludicrous mode because this version has no limiter.

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