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Film clubs and cinemas around the world are constantly trying to make the viewing experience interesting for movie lovers. While some introduce blankets, others come in to provide an experience under the stars. Some film clubs, however, go the extra mile to make the viewing experience magical. The trend of spa or tub splashes has been
catch up with the whole world and now it’s in NCR.
A few years ago, Japan hosted a cinema bathtub projection on a terrace in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. While in some countries – such as the UK, US, Australia and in Spain – whirlpool cinemas are a bit more popular. In these countries, each bathtub is designed for about six to eight people.
Although the Gurgaon event was called a bathtub screening, the place had inflatable pools, providing an enjoyable experience in the summer heat. These screenings are usually organized in open places – event grounds and terraces of hotels and shopping centers. Sahil Kapoor, who has organized several such screenings, says: “It’s limited to only
two people per tub and in our previous screenings we had mostly couples. It’s peak summer, and so watching car movies even at night may not be enjoyable and that’s why we came up with this idea of ​​bathtub screenings so one can comfortably enjoy a screening outside. It’s like your personal theater in a public place. Purna, says, “It was either that or a mall visit, so we chose that. We sipped drinks and chatted.”
While pool screening isn’t an entirely new concept for NCR — whether it’s hotels or pools — it’s mostly private events and industry insiders say most moviegoers are still unaware of the concept. Tinku Singh, who has worked in film for years, said, “For such screenings, two genres of films are usually chosen by the organizers – romantic or superhero. There are movies like Titanic, Serendipity, Holiday, The Notebook and Before Sunrise which are crowd favourites. Last year the drive-in cinema became very popular, but one of the problems it faced was the weather. Too hot or too cold becomes unfavorable for the drive-in, but when it comes to bathtub splashes, temperature isn’t such a big deal. Pankaja, who recently attended a bathtub screening in Gurgaon, said, “Due to the extreme heat, we end up canceling most of our outdoor plans. Although at first this idea seemed a little strange, it was quite a comfortable setting.


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