Three domestic mobile broadband tests in Northern Ireland

It offers “plug and play” routers that only need an AC outlet and a few minutes of installation, and can be moved without the need to connect to a phone line. Plans are valid for 30 days or 12 months, although customers can take the router with them if they move, even under the contract.

The trial makes 500 such devices available to Three’s customers to connect to its mobile broadband network, which will help the provider test interest and see how the Three network handles additional data usage. .

Mobile broadband does not require the commitment or establishment of a fixed broadband connection, so it is aimed at anyone staying for a short time in the region. It is therefore not surprising that Three is targeting the new service at “tenants, students and those with little need for landline service”.

The main problem with mobile broadband is that it tends to come with tough monthly download limits, and Three’s North Irish trial is no exception. The two available plans have allocations of 20 GB for £ 17 per month, or 40 GB for £ 20 per month. Netflix junkies and Spotify fans will likely hit the limit in a few days.

Broadband speeds on Three’s mobile network average 9.9MB over 3G – which the service will primarily use, although it will upgrade to 4G faster where available.

Tom Malleschitz, Marketing Director of Three, said: “Our home broadband service provides an alternative to expensive landline service that many consumers do not need. need complex installation. “

The company will see how the trials go and then determine if a full deployment is viable.

Source: Three

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