Veteran actor and producer Tanveer Jamal has died in Japan – Reuters

TOKYO: Veteran actor and director Tanveer Jamal succumbed to cancer on July 13 (today) in Toyama, Tokoyo. The 62-year-old was diagnosed with the disease for the second time in June.

He moved to Japan for treatment and had asked fans to pray for his speedy recovery.

He received his first diagnosis of cancer in 2016, but he managed to beat it. He made a return to television in 2021 but fell ill while filming ‘Mere Apne’.

“It’s a big loss, of course, no one can predict losses like this, however, it happened. It’s life, what can we do,” said Imran Momina, alias Emu, Tanveer Jamal’s roommate and longtime friend for 16 years.

The two lived in separate parts of Jamal’s house and have lived together in Pakistan since after covid. He praised their extremely close friendship.

“After the covid, we met on a film project, he was acting in a film called ‘Japanese Connection’ for which I was doing sound and music. That’s why we became very close and he offered me to stay with him and I did. I even have my studio in his house now.

“Every time I saw him or met him he was a very likeable guy, very kind, down to earth and of course a great hero and a veteran actor. He would often become the center of attention in a play because that he could make anyone laugh and talk. He was very outspoken,” Imran said of Tanveer Jamal’s interactions with the people around him.

“He had been separated from his wife for 10 or 11 years but he had remained in contact with his family. I spoke to his son and I know he has two daughters. All his children live in Japan. He was a great dad from what I saw. The actor had been very lonely for the past two years and had been battling illness for the past six years. For the past two years, however, he had been quite lonely and had been battling cancer for six years.

“Last year was particularly difficult, his body had started to deteriorate. That’s my understanding. He used to take medication but I feel like it has stopped to function towards the end. For three months, he really wanted to see his family.

“I saw something in his eyes and didn’t have the courage to ask him, but I knew he wouldn’t be coming back from Japan this time. I just told him to take care of himself. I used to take him to the hospital myself and do his tests. He was an extremely private and secretive person who never told me how sick he really was, but I realized it was getting worse when I started taking him to his doctor’s appointments and they asked me how I was related to him. ”

Towards the end of the conversation, we asked Imran if Tanveer Jamal’s children had come at some point to take care of him and he replied, “No, no one came here because they all installed in their own lives. He has a daughter, I don’t know her name, but she got married four years ago. I took care of him on my own while he was here.

During his 35-year career, Jamal has starred in several notable dramas including ‘Godfather’ and ‘Picture’.

Tanveer Jamal was also awarded Best Actor by PTV for his best performance.

Speaking to Aaj News, writer Akhtar Qayyum said he did a lot of drama with Tanveer Jamal. Jamal was cast as qawwal, in Qayyum Rangreza’s film Qawal, in which he did an excellent job.

Qayyum was also part of the Tokyo Connection along with Jamal.

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