Virgin Media Introduces New Bundles and Boosted Broadband Plans

Virgin Media is one of the UK’s largest providers of digital and broadband television, with some of the fastest broadband speeds available to customers. However, with the growing presence of all-fiber broadband on other networks, Virgin Media may soon see other providers overtake it.

Blank media recently announced that it will increase the maximum speeds of some of its most comprehensive packages and provide even more flexibility for new and existing customers when selecting and customizing a TV and broadband package.

Jeff Dodds, COO of Virgin Media, said:

“We are adding racing stripes to our entire range of packages by making our M500 fiber broadband available with all of our packages.

“This means our customers can live life at full speed and do whatever they want online. Whether it’s streaming Spotify, buying a 4K box set, getting ready for an epic gaming session, or joining a professional Zoom call, with our incredible connectivity, you can do it all in one home at the same time. time.

Access to faster broadband on Virgin Media

One of the changes announced was that customers on Virgin Media’s Ultimate Oomph TV package would see their broadband increase to 600 Mbps, from an average speed of 516 Mbps. This is exciting news in itself, but Virgin Media is also making those premium speeds more accessible, as its 516 Mbps tier connection is now available as a standalone product.

In the past, those who wanted these incredible speeds had to subscribe to the Ultimate Oomph TV full package. Previously, customers using only broadband could only access average speeds of 362 Mbps.

At the time of writing, the new standalone 516 Mbps broadband plan costs £ 46 per month for an 18 month contract and £ 52 per month for a broadband and phone plan.

Finally, Virgin Media’s next-generation 1 Gbps broadband service is expected to become more affordable. Virgin’s gigabit broadband service is currently only available in parts of Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Reading and Southampton, and will be reduced to £ 64 per month from £ 67.

Custom TV packages

As one of the leading digital TV providers, Virgin Media follows Sky TV and BT TV to make its TV offerings more flexible and customizable. Virgin Media’s “Personal Choices” allow customers to personalize the television to which they subscribe at a lower price than before.

Personal selections now cost £ 7 per month + £ 5 for each subsequent selection and can be added to a plan instantly and removed simply by giving 30 days notice. The new pricing structure means customers could save at least £ 60 per year when taking two or more choices. Existing customers will also be transferred to the new lower price.

Do longer contracts mean better value?

A major change in Virgin broadband and TV packages is the length of each fixed term. Virgin Media typically offers 12-month contracts, one of the shortest in the market. However, these new offers will be 18-month contracts, which the vendor says will give customers more time to take advantage of discounts.

A longer contract may seem negative, as it means that you are forced to use that provider for a long time and will not be able to switch to a new one without paying a penalty. However, introductory offers such as those detailed above will tend to be valid only for the initial period of the contract, raising prices considerably thereafter.

A longer contract also means that you could take advantage of a lower monthly price for that period, and you won’t have to worry about find a new broadband agreement every year.

Is Virgin Media a Good Deal?

Ernest Doku, broadband spokesperson at Uswitch, said, “At first glance, these deals may seem quite tempting when it comes to looking for an all sing and dance package for your home broadband and TV package. Virgin Media also offers broadband download speeds that are hard to match with most other providers, but they may not be suitable for all customers.

“Offers that block you for 18 months keep you tied to your contract longer and it should also be borne in mind that your supplier can increase the price of their offer at any time, as long as they give you the option. to leave the offer penalty. -free.

“These are also introductory offers, the price of which can increase dramatically when the deal comes to an end.

“If you’re a sports enthusiast or want access to Sky movie channels, these offers provide a degree of simplicity, because it’s all there on one platform. However, if you use services like NOW TV or Amazon Prime Video, you can turn your subscription on and off, which could save you money in the long run.

“Overall, Virgin Media’s bundles will suit some consumers, however, it’s always worth a quick comparison of the different products and services available before signing up for the next 18 months.”

Check out the latest broadband and TV offers from Virgin Media.

If you can’t get Virgin Media at home, try our Network checker – currently in beta – to see which vendors you could get at your address.

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