We are stressed! To what extent is this our own political fault?

Do you feel stressed by national and world events?

Millions of Americans, including thousands of your Yakamanian neighbors, are stressed and exhausted.

The stressors are many and real

We talk about it every day on the radio. Usual suspects include the pandemic, pandemic management, the economy, inflation, gas prices, government lies and misinformation, political division, censorship and big tech, the state “woke” and much more… like Russia invading Ukraine and the prospect of World War III!

Does all of this come as a surprise or did we see it coming with the election of Joe Biden in 2020? Blog 538 has published some interesting figures.

Who saw the potential for misery and stress

December 2020, Biden won so “the happy days were back”, right Democrats? Or so they thought – only 19% of respondents were concerned about the coming year 2021. Republicans saw things very differently with 58% concerned about what the Biden administration would bring to life in the United States.

How did it go in 2021? Exactly.

The Republicans were right in their concerns and the Democrats were naïve or complicit in whatever led to the discovery of 538 before 2022:

Americans were even less optimistic and more nervous about this new year than they were heading into 2021

see the light

As 2022 approaches, the 19% of worried Democrats has grown to 45%…and the 58% of worried Republicans has become 69% expressing fear of what awaits the world in 2022.

A January Global Strategy Group/GBAO/Navigator Research survey found that a majority of Americans (52%) felt “frustrated” with politics since Biden was elected. Sentiment was particularly high among Republicans (78%), but independents (55%) and about a quarter of Democrats (29%) felt the same way.

Stress is abnormally uniform and widespread

So here we are sitting three months into 2022 and we are more stressed than before!

NBC News reports:

Financial hardship, coupled with a barrage of horrific scenes from Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion, has pushed a majority of Americans to unprecedented levels of stress, according to a new report from the American Psychological Association.

From Yonkers to Yakima, 87% of respondents say rising costs of everyday items, such as groceries and gas, are a “significant source of stress.” In a follow-up survey, threats ranged from financial loss and inconvenience to fears of life and death.

Eighty percent of respondents said they were concerned about possible retaliation from Russia, whether through cyber attacks or nuclear threats. And 69% said they were worried about being a witness the early stages of what could be World War III.

Three more years… now it’s a source of stress

Some of the threats and challenges are beyond our control, but others are the result of decisions made that took us from energy independence to telling us that we have to sacrifice and suffer and that it’s all our fault. of Putin.

Let’s do another poll and see how many Americans sign up!

My generation used to “Dream of Jeannie”. Now we dream of two-dollar gasoline, supply chains, mask freedom, and real, honest leadership in America.

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