What is Bubble Anime Film about?

Lovers of animated films will certainly be looking forward to the next Netflix movie. Netflix collaborated with WIT Studio (which also developed The attack of the Titans and Good pretender). The film is titled “Bubble”Which focuses on the laws of physics.

The film was created by The attack of the Titansthe director of, Death threat the main artist of the manga, Madoka Magicathe writer of, and Promarelegendary composer. For the voice cast, fans can expect Mamoru Miyano (who voiced Light Yagami in Death threat), Yuuki Kaji (who voiced Eren Jaeger in The attack of the Titans) and Jun Shison (who played the Anohana: the flower we saw that day). The team was chock full of well-known names in the industry that could raise viewers’ expectations. But what is the film about?

What is Bubble Anime Film about?

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What is Bubble Anime Film about?

Bubble will premiere on April 28, 2022 on Netflix. Japanese fans have the option to watch it in theaters on May 13, 2022. The action-oriented film is set in an alternate version of Tokyo. What makes it different from the Tokyo we know is that the Alternate Universe has rain bubbles falling to Earth due to the loss of gravity.

The film follows Hibiki who is interested in parkour. It is a kind of sport related to environmental obstacles through jumping, climbing and running. In one case, he falls into the sea, surprised that it is different from the one he knew. A mysterious girl, who came from the bubbles named Uta, saved him.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Writer Gen Urobuchi explained that “I thought about playing with a typical mermaid story: instead of a girl ending up as bubbles after falling in love, why not drop a bubble in love and turn into a girl?” While everyone was familiar with The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, it seemed like Bubble is different from the classic tale or has at least a modern twist.

Uta and Hibiki hear a unique sound that is only audible to them. Since then, the two will embark on a journey that can change their lives and the lives of the people around them. What kind of trip will it be and how it all aligns will be revealed once the movie is released.

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