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The neon-lit crime drama finale, Deputy Tokyo, which recently aired on April 28, 2022, capturing the attention of viewers around the world and once again showing that HBO knows how to bring the best quality television to its viewers. The stars of the series, Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe, have been excellent so far, as audiences have come to expect.

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The series also had standout performances from many cast members that audiences might not be used to seeing, so it’s good to get acquainted with them through their social media profiles. Not all of the cast are active on the internet, but many of them have been sharing behind-the-scenes content about the show.


Ansel Elgort

Deputy Tokyo seems to be a major source of pride for the young actor, who has already achieved great success this year with West Side Story. The actor took to social media on his Instagram, @ansel, where he has posted behind-the-scenes photos from every episode of the show so far. His Jake Adelstein character also had some of the best quotes on the show.

Ansel, like his character, Jake Adelstein, seems to be fascinated by Japanese culture, as many of his photos show him exploring and enjoying his time abroad. He writes many of his captions in Japanese and seems to like the language as well.

Rachel Keller

The actress has accounts on Instagram and Twitter, but none have been active for some time. She also doesn’t have a big following, as she’s only had a few major acting roles on shows like Fargo and Legion.

Rachel had one of the most interesting roles, so far, in Deputy Tokyo, playing Samantha, a hostess at the Onyx Club. Her character intertwines with many other characters in the story, which makes her indirectly involved in the plot of the crime. Hopefully the show’s popularity brings her back to social media to share some behind-the-scenes photos.

Ken Watanabe

The legendary Japanese actor is one of the show’s few international stars to have already made a name for himself to American audiences, making him the perfect headliner for the show. Like Rachel Keller, Ken Watanabe hasn’t been active on social media lately. Her Twitter, @Watanabe, was last used to promote her performance in the play. The king and me.

Although he hasn’t been on social media, the actor has done a lot of press for the series, including a recent interview with Screen Rant and with other entertainment media. The actor is very enthusiastic about the project and his partners and his on-screen relationship with Ansel Elgort’s Jake is one of the best relationships ever. Deputy Tokyo.

Sho Kasamatsu

Shô was one of the best parts of Deputy Tokyo, with his suave attitude makes him a great gangster character. The actor, on his Instagram account @show_kasamatsu_official, posted behind-the-scenes photos from the show, featuring Ansel Elgort and series one episode director Michael Mann.

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The actor has only acted in Japan so far, but perhaps his collaboration with American film productions in the series will interest him in taking on more Hollywood projects. He certainly has the acting talent and abilities to succeed wherever he decides to work.

Rinko Kikuchi

Eimi is one of the best-acted characters in the series, as actress Rinko Kikuchi really brings the character to life with a believable screen performance. The actress shared behind-the-scenes photos on set and during the show’s press tour, showing her encouragement for the project.

Rinko has already starred in some Hollywood projects, including babel and Pacific Rim. His most prominent roles, however, have been in Japanese films like Kumiko, the treasure hunter. The actress has published articles on Deputy Tokyo for over a year now, showing how excited she is for the show coming to fruition last month.

Ella Rumpf

Like many other actors in the cast, Deputy Tokyo previously worked with Warner Bros. and HBO, most recently with a small role in Succession. Deputy Tokyo offered her a larger role as Polina. The actress seems to have enjoyed her time working on it, as many of her recent posts were made while filming the series and show her experience with the city.

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Ella plays Polina, a stewardess who often shares scenes with Rachel Keller’s Samantha. Unlike Samantha who thrives in the slums of the city, Polina finds it much harder to put her feet on the ground, because life as a hostess doesn’t seem to be for her.

Hideaki Itō

Hideaki Itō plays a prominent role early in the series, as a detective who offers Jake insider information and advice in exchange for help in fetching women. The character is very well crafted and, like Eimi, looks like it was pulled straight from the pages of the memoirs the show was adapted from.

The actor is active on Instagram and has shared behind-the-scenes photos with Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe and director Michael Mann, which many of the show’s actors seem to admire a lot. The actor, like many of his castmates, seems very enthusiastic about the project and shows that the time spent behind the scenes has been enjoyable.

Michael Mann

Although Michael Mann isn’t exactly a cast member, his name was one of the show’s draws for many fans of American movies and the crime genre. The director, best known for producing the hit series miami viceand to make films such as Heat and Thiefis considered a master of the detective genre and his directing style in Tokyo Vice first episode set the tone for the entire season.

Michael Mann is active on Instagram and has shared a bit about what brought him to the show. His unique style is notable throughout the series, and even episodes without his involvement feel like a Michael Mann project. For all fans of the series, his work is the place to go for more.

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